Immortal Technique, Boom Bap Project, and Stop Die Resucitate – Podcast #108

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I totally have no time today – going to a meeting thingie right now, then going to see my capoeira mestre who’s going to work me to the bone for 3 hours. Seeya!

  • Boom Bap Project – ‘Sounds of the Streets’ (eMusic)
  • Stop Die Resucitate – ‘Love Song’ (Website)
  • Immortal Technique – ‘The Poverty of Philosophy’ (eMusic)

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7 responses to “Immortal Technique, Boom Bap Project, and Stop Die Resucitate – Podcast #108”

  1. Miserable In FL Avatar

    Two things:

    First off, I really enjoy your podcast. Thanks for making a great show. It’s nice to hear something outside the little box I tend to corner myself in to. Don’t get me wrong, I listen to a ton of different music… independent artists of all types, but I haven’t come across many podcasts that do a decent job with hiphop. For example, I was BLOWN away by the song you played from Immortal Technique on this most recent episode. I just bought that album on iTunes. I listened to this most recent show in the car this morning running some errands and as soon as I had two minutes in front of the computer again I had to your site to get more info on the last artist. It took all of two seconds to decide to buy it after previewing the songs. Thanks!

    Secondly, I was hoping to find links to those two podcasts you recommended on this show. One of them I was able to find on my own by following your direction for the URL, but the second one, “LiverVox” or whatever, I was unable to find. Please link to it so I can check it out.

    Much thanks!!!!

  2. Alex Avatar

    Good show, but what were those links to the podcasts you mentioned on the show again?


  3. mhp Avatar

    Forgive my religious or cursing ignorance here…. but in the rant about about the Western Standard printing the cartoons you said “Jesus H. Christ” … i’m curious what does the “H” stand for?

  4. ba Avatar

    sweet. you played The Poverty of Philosophy, one of my fav songs from Immortal. iv been listening to alot of hiphop as of late because of your show.
    keep up the good work brotha!

  5. Elliott Avatar

    I saw Stop Die Resuscitate open for Controller Controller, was a good show but I didn’t understand why they just didn’t put the female vocals on loop … Lady Macbeth is a great track. The Controller Controller drummer though went on a rampage and ended up breaking half his kit ?!? And pardonned my ignorance but when u the mentionned sufis relating to Islam all I could think of was …

  6. andré Avatar

    Poverty of Philosophy… isn’t the name of karl marx book written in reply to his son-in-law Proudhon Philosophie de la misère? I wonder what are the links between immortal song and this particular book from marx, if there’s is any…

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