Dropping Science: A Growing List of Every Hip Hop Podcast on the Web


verb: drop science, drop knowledge

  1. To demonstrate wisdom or skill. “And yo, I’m droppin’ science like a school text book” — Tragedy the Intelligent Hoodlum (Microphone Check) [1]
  2. To “drop knowledge” in my hood means I got a dime on my dick, e.g.: “At college, constantly gettin ‘ bitties to drop knowledge”.

Having been pressed by Clyde from ProHipHop.com, I am now starting what is to be the authoritative list for hip hop podcasting. I want comments from as many people as possible to let me know what is missing, or when a new hip hop podcast gets in the game.

The list so far, in alphabetical order, starts from the hip hop podcasts I got here, as well as my personal list. This will be updated as I receive more, so get in touch.





18 responses to “Dropping Science: A Growing List of Every Hip Hop Podcast on the Web”

  1. [insert clever name] Avatar

    Guy, you forgot Jason’s very well produced show. He plays a lot of PMN tracks. It’s called Both Sides of the Surface.

  2. The Dirty Dutchman Avatar

    What up fam this is Eric aka Dirt E. Dutch from IndieFeed Hip Hop.
    Much respect for the mention. Your site is ill!

  3. SEAN WHITE Avatar

    There was a killer indie hip-hop countdown call THe Doo Doo Def Show that was about the funniest sh*t I’ve ever heard out of hip-hop: http://www.myspace.com/doodoodef

  4. […] *list from IOYH Filed under: podcast Comments: […]

  5. Terntabl Reka Avatar
    Terntabl Reka

    Thanks for the props on the doo doo def show…..season 2 may be coming soon……

  6. Audio1 Avatar

    You forgot the Rhymes and Beats podcast, located at http://www.rhymesandbeats.com 1 new podcast/mixtape a week of the most cutting-edge hiphop!

  7. saibot Avatar

    John Henry Radio is hosted by Breez Evahflowin @ http://www.myspace.com/breezevahflowin

    HIEROCAST is hosted by Hieroglyphics @ http://www.hieroglyphics.com

    Stones Throw Podcast is hosted by Various Stones Throw Artists @ http://www.stonesthrow.com

    WQN5 Podtalk Radio is hosted by Various QN5 Artists @ http://www.qn5.com

    Pigeon John Podcast is hosted by Pigeon John @ http://www.pigeonjohn.com

    Ecliptic Sight Podcast is hosted by Saibot @ http://www.eclipticsight.com

    This my entrance into the Hip-Hop podcasting with the Ecliptic Sight Podcast: Stash and Dash Edition.

    Also for people looking for all these podcasts it is sometimes easier to use iTunes or other podcast tool and search for the name of the show or artist then going to their websites.

    Thanks for this list it will keep me busy at work!

  8. Breez Evahflowin Avatar

    thanks for the shout out, much appreciated

  9. Ryan Avatar

    The Budda Beats Podcast is 3 episodes deep with a 4th out this week.


    Showcases independent hip hop producers work.

  10. KONFIDENT Avatar

    Peace to whom it may concer:

    I’m campaigning for the highly creditable Los Angeles artist known as KONFIDENT. At this point and time we’re seeking interviews and song/album reviews with honorable websites such as yours, and we’re hoping that you will be willing to listen to the joint titled “GROWN MAN BUSINESS” that KONFIDENT recorded with BUCK SHOT of BLACK MOON/BCC. That way you’ll become not only familiar with his talents, but become interested in networking with us on this current project.
    If so, please email us your email address or check out http://www.myspace.com/konfident to listen to the song featuring BUCK SHOT, read his bio, and then we could build from that point on.
    Other than that, we wish your web nothing but an abundance of future success’.


  11. Dustin Avatar

    New Urban Music Podcast The Rap Hype

    Two New Podcasts

    Artist Block – Video Interviews from major label artist. Young Buck, Joel Ortiz, Rich Boy, Paula Deanda, Bullys wit Fullys, Champ Bailey, and more


    Mixtape – Free tracks from Snoop Dogg, Coolio, The Game, Evidence, etc.



  12. f8te Avatar

    Yo you forgot Fat Beats podcast on East Village Radio.

  13. f8te Avatar

    hehe. Thanks for the rest though. Piece

  14. daps Avatar

    If you’re into really good podcasting. check out DJ Emilio Sparks on DEGOCAST. he was trained @ the opie and anthony show and hails from a hip hop background.

    the podcast is going to be huge, check it out

  15. keeps Avatar

    Hay what’s up? like the podcast. Can you tell how got the podcast started. I dont know where to begin. if you get chance holla at me. thanks

  16. RE:volution! Avatar

    Check out some real Science on episode 3

  17. All Power To The Positive! Avatar

    Hip-Hop for the ‘politically erect’ (lol). Why? Because truth is the ‘new’ pornography!

    Art, culture, history, politics, philosophy, science, martial arts, music, humor, and more.

    Official unofficial pod-cannon of Occupy/Decolonize Seattle

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