Looking for good podcasting books

Have you read a good podcasting book? Are you writing a podcasting book, or have you written one? I’m looking for the best podcasting books available – I currently have O’Reilly’s Podcasting Hacks and ordered my friend Dan Klass’ Podcast Solutions, which he wrote with Michael Geoghagan.

So if you’ve read one and you can recommend it, please leave a comment! I’m sure there’s about 50 of them out by now, and I’d like to prevent myself buying books for stuff I already know (which is most of what’s contained in these things).





4 responses to “Looking for good podcasting books”

  1. Alexandre Lemieux Avatar

    I read that one (Podcasting Hacks) and found that it was really, really good. Many books out there have 50% of their pages about how to listen to podcast, setup a podcatcher, etc. This is good info if you’re new to podcasting, but if creating your own podcast is your goal, they might leave you with the feeling you should have spent the 30$ on another book. This was not what I was looking for so I grabbed a copy of Podcasting Hacks which is 95% about how to create and record a podcast and really found what I wanted to learn.

  2. Julien Avatar

    Yeah, the only downside is that it’s in the usual “Hack” format, which means that it’s one tip after another with no real continuity throughout. Aside from that, it’s excellent. I’m trying to digest the whole thing right now.

  3. Chris Avatar

    I got “podcasting solutions” for Christmas, and it’s very informative!

  4. Alexandre Lemieux Avatar

    You are right Julien, the format is a bit harder to read from page 1 to page 400, but in the end, I think this makes the book easier to refer to in the future. I read it all from beginning to end and I must admint the authors did a good job at presenting the hacks in a relativly good order. It might not be perfect, but it was good enough for me.

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