Geeks hanging out

Boris, Patrick, Michael, Ella (in her vlog debut), and myself being filmed by Steven at a local hipster techno joint. I actually do not monopolize the camera in this clip, much to my own surprise. ๐Ÿ™‚





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  1. Boris Anthony Avatar

    That’s because I do. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    (his name is Steven, btw)

    Hipster techno joint! I had a really fantastic conversation with the owner Bruno last week. I asked him what his story was, why he created Laika etc. He was very surprised and chagrined to hear that many people consider the place kinda snooty/pretentious. (I used to as well.) But like he said, once you spend a little time there you see there’s a very varied and open community in the space. Local artists, electronic musicians, digital media people, neighborhood old folks… I bet you didn’t know that the owner of the rounchy rock bar next door hangs out at Laika every now and then for a drink eh? “Open Community”

    And ISF’s WiFi has spawned a whole new subculture to that community…

    Shit I am rambling.. sorry.

  2. Russell Crosswy Avatar

    “Good to Great” – Sweet. Awesome Book. Is Boris holding a Moleskine? Cool. I’ll have to upload more of my video. Gotta make it look cool and make it semi-interesting though. Heh….

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