Show #109 – Hip Hop Set #5

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I made this mix earlier this morning – it’s amazing what a difference waking up early makes! Too bad I had to wait for FedEx all day.

  • Deltron 3030 – ‘Mastermind’ (Amazon)
  • Blood of Abraham – ‘Paranoia is Awareness’ (Amazon)
  • Ghostface Killah – ‘Milk Em’ (eMusic)
  • Self Scientific – ‘Change Pt. 1’ (eMusic)
  • Vakill – ‘Heart Bleeds’ (Underground Hip Hop)
  • Killah Priest – ‘Madness’ (eMusic)
  • Army of the Pharaohs – ‘The Hunted’
  • DJ Jazzy Jeff – ‘Love Savior feat. Flo Brown & Raheem’ (eMusic)
  • Sa-Ra Creative Partners – ‘Second Time Around’ (eMusic)

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I didn’t talk a lot in here (ok, at all), so I don’t have a lot of notes. But please consider downloading my otherhiphopsets if you liked this one. Which I know you did.

Best verse from this set:

It’s amazing when you stop and think about the times we’re living in
The government should hand out free shampoo with their conditioning
They’re calling all the master plans to hook their lines and sinkers
They captured all the fools and now they’re looking for the thinkers

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5 responses to “Show #109 – Hip Hop Set #5”

  1. Alex Avatar

    Man, these hip hop sets are great… this is a mite slower then the other sets you’ve done… I dug it, but I have to admit I enjoy a bit more bpm then most… anywho, good shit, thanks as always…


  2. hugh Avatar

    ha! deltron 3000 … nice one.

  3. hugh Avatar

    that should be deltron 3030 of course. ah, there’s your xml … 😉

  4. jason Avatar

    great choice closing out the mix with SA-RA. they’re definitely on some next level funk, but they come off better in the studio than on stage. saw them live at a spot in NYC. sound wasn’t great, band was tight. i was expecting a lot more than every song to be about sex and on some “i’m the man” stuff. apparently, they’re releasing their full-length debut on Kanye West’s label. based on their live performance, my gut is telling me “style over substance,” which would be unfortunate because it’s not like they don’t have the ability to create some truly amazing music.

  5. Jake Avatar

    I’m enjoying this set. But I’m assuming that you didn’t notice the homophobia in the Vakill piece, or you wouldn’t have included it.

    Poo on homophobia.

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