Montreal Anagram Transit Map

Apparently, I’ve decided that ending my weekend by creating an anagram transit map of Montreal is a good thing. I can’t believe I participated in this thing. Even worse, I can’t believe I even finished it.

Two hours later and it’s done. This is due entirely to the fact that Ella did about 75% of the anagram work and came up with almost all the really good ones. Go thank her and read her blog!

We particularly liked: Ezra Mice, A Fête In Porn, Mama’s PC Herd, London Map, and of course, Ella Reign! You?





15 responses to “Montreal Anagram Transit Map”

  1. Patrick Avatar

    Favs: CRAP and Varicose Squirt.

    Very glad my “home” station is Rail Rue and not Manly Root

  2. Kat Avatar

    My favourites: A Sacred Maple and Acne Front (the latter sounds like it belongs to a punk band, whereas the former would make a great indie/post-rock band name).

  3. mhp Avatar

    Good thing you’re not in Toronto…

    TTC made the guy take his down with treats of legal action.
    Seriously… that is sad. Hope the STM lawyers have better things to do.

    Argos I Revenge is my fav.

  4. aaron Avatar

    sadly there is no subway in yellowknife (or should i say in wolflike yen) so i can’t play too.

    I’m diggin your show julien, keep it up

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  6. Anagram maps for Montreal (x2), Helsinki, Monterrey, San Diego, Mexico City

    Montreal (I): Montreal (II): Helsinki: Monterrey: San Diego: Mexico City: (Thanks, Matti, Julien, Matthew, Edmz, Nick and Omegar!) See also: London Anagram Tube Map, Toronto Anagram Subway Map, Amsterdam Anagram Metro Map, Chicago Regional Transit Aut…

  7. Anagram maps for the Montreal Metro

    These have been showing up on boingboing for the past few weeks and I have been wondering when it would be our turn. Version #1 Version #2…

  8. Dave from the fake south shore Avatar

    I began creating an anagrammed map of Montreal’s Metro last night, but haven’t submitted it to Boingboing yet (but now they already have 2, so I probably won’t).

    Check it out here:
    or directly here:

  9. Mike Soares Avatar

    Hehe… Down Son is my home station. Good job, man!

  10. Memphis Fred Avatar

    suave me tue. vraiment !

  11. Bishop Avatar

    Atwater != A raw eat. Tell Ella she’s missing a “T”… 🙂

    Here are two suggestions:

    “Re: A twat”


    “Ew, a Tart…”

  12. ella Avatar

    That was totally the Julien – I plead not guilty. I like Re: A twat though.

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