Shoe #110 – Music by The Organ, Magnetic Fields, and Hexes and Ohs

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I have never waited so long to get a goddamn file up. 75 minutes for 25 megs. Unbelievable. Anyway, this one is just me talking and playing tracks. No pretension.

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10 responses to “Shoe #110 – Music by The Organ, Magnetic Fields, and Hexes and Ohs”

  1. Matt Avatar

    Where are the first 109 “Shoes?” Just wondering. (:


  2. YULblog – The Movie

    The question put before this months collection of YULblog attendants last night was: What is your favorite movie filmed or based in Montreal? Maggie: The Bone Collector Jean-Pierre: Gas Bar Blues or CRAZY Mare: Jésus de Montréal Eric: Les Invasions…

  3. Todd Tyrtle Avatar

    Great show as always. I’m enjoying the new “less like radio” format as well. I think it is definitely a step in the right direction. There’s a reason I listen to podcasts and not to commercial radio.

  4. jonathan Avatar

    downbeat & great selection, glad to see the Organ back on the tracks, had almost misplaced them myself…

  5. mhp Avatar

    way to keep things planted on terra ferma, keeping it real is what the medium is all about, leave the production to RFcasters

    i like that you didn’t force a rant either, i know (some) listeners have come to expect one every episode, but only when they are genuine do they carry the message

  6. trex Avatar

    Awesome show – I loved the free-flow form. The tracks went well with the mood.

    I just bought “Alive Until Saturday Night”, it’s such an amazing song!

  7. david Avatar

    hey, really liked this show

  8. jpbourque Avatar

    Were you at the Bande-à-part show in montreal last week to see Hexes and ohs? I thought they were the best band of the 4 that played.

  9. jason Avatar

    listened to this show on my way in to work today. thank you for reminding me that this medium should be an intimate one. i’ve been spending so much time making sure my show sounds professional and that the musical transitions are smooth, i sort of forgot about that other aspect. this isn’t meant to be radio. now the trick for me is to find the middle ground of sounding professional while remaining vulnerable. does such a thing exist?

  10. Rod Adams Avatar

    Hey Julien:

    Great show. I have been listening for close to a year now, but never got around to posting a comment.

    Thought you might like to know that one of your listeners is a 46 year old, uniform wearing, military professional whose musical tastes originally were limited to Jimmy Buffet, Kansas, and Boston.

    Thanks for continuing my education.

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