Adidas understanding graffiti culture

From Wooster Collective, an ingenious ad campaign that understands street art culture: Allowing (mostly) billboards to be tagged freely, and then incorporating those tags onto the following billboard’s design. I am so impressed. I wish I had come up with this.

Of all the recent street campaigns we’ve seen lately, this is our favorite one by far. It’s extremely clever, but most importanly it fits the brand perfectly. It takes advantage of the street to the fullest. And most of all, it turns the tables in an absolutely brilliant way that is extremely impressive.





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  1. [insert clever name] Avatar

    Actually I hate the way with which major corps are appropriating themselves with underground/street culture faster than you can say Krylon. I’m convinced that if clubbing baby seal was considered “street”, they would come out with a line of clubs before the end of the trimestre. It’s all about making more money, which street art, and art in itself, is not about. It makes me whant to throw up in my mouth just a little bit. But yes, original concept.

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