Montreal flashmob(s) reminiscing

Reminiscing today about flashmobs we worked (pretty damn hard) to create in the summer of 2003. It was after coming across Howard Rheingold’s (still highly relevant) blog that got me thinking about all this. An hour of Google-fu later, the following links:

There were also some La Presse and Gazette articles I couldn’t find. You get a lot of press when you do fashionable artsy stuff. Personally, I am still in love with this kind of social experimentation, and have yet to find a tool so effective in reaching and directing such a huge group of people. Maybe more projects like this, someday. 🙂

(Here’s a mirror of the video, in case it disappears from its original location.)





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  1. Will Meredith Avatar
    Will Meredith

    There was piece about this on ‘On the Media’ a month ago. About how flash mobs were co-opted by mainstream marketing firms. It’s funny and annoying. Enjoy.

    I have an unrelated question. Does Odeo ever charge for bandwidth, or could I do a one hour show daily for free? I can’t see where/that they charge, but it seems to good to be true.

  2. [insert clever name] Avatar

    Guy, we so need to do something like this again. I propose a no pants metro ride.

  3. […] Suite à la lecture du dernier billet de Julien, je me suis souvenu d’une expérience sociale semblable réalisée dans le métro de NYC. Je suis convaincu que Montréal serait une ville de prédilection pour la tenue d’un tel événement. Qu’en pensez vous? […]

  4. Slipstream Avatar

    Je crois que j’ai encore le scan de l’article de La Presse quelquepart sur mon autre PC. Si je le trouve, je t’en ferai parvenir une copie 🙂

  5. Max Avatar

    I am trully interested in flashmob but I don’t know where to find peoples who organise them. Im from Montreal and I read the la presse news but I don’y find anyplace in tne net to know when another flashmob will be held…please if you have any information answer me…

  6. mike Avatar

    I was at the prince arthur flashmob that summer. I’ve got an idea for a very cheap, very fun flashmob that I proposed once, but the montrealmob group suddenly vanished without a trace. What gives? Is anyone up for starting a new one?

  7. Sonia B Avatar
    Sonia B

    Je trouve l’idée des flashmobs très intéressante! J’aimerais bien obtenir de l’information sur les flashmobs qui pourraient avoir lieu…

  8. melissa Avatar

    If anyone has info on new developments or plans for the MTL flashmob, please let me know, very interested.

  9. Amy Avatar

    Well there’s this from :

    McGill Mummy Mob

    Thursday, February 8th, 12: 00 noon, Main McGill Gates. And bring two rolls of toilet paper per person (*this part is important).

    We meet up there for role call and possibly calisthenics, if someone is up to the task of leading a workout.

    Then, we meet up secretly in the tunnels connecting Leacock and Redpath (next to Tim Hoton’s in the basement) We’ll have to take a couple of different routes (one group through Arts tunnels, another through the top of Leacock, others still through the library itself), so there’s not a huge group of people walking into the library all at once.

    There is an emergency exit right next to the Tim Horton’s/Pizza Pizza that will ultimately be our staging point.

    Then, we all wrap each other up in toilet paper so we look like mummies, and storm campus mummy style!

    A small group of us will lead the charge dressed in plainclothes, acting scared like they’re running from a mob of mummies, and then, cue the mummies.

    We all come stumbling out of the emergency exit onto the field next to the ice rink, and start acting like mummies on campus. Generally calling out for “Brains” and moaning and what not.

    Then, once you reach either an exit of campus or a building entrance, you tear off all the toilet paper that is stuck to you and go back to the staging point to pick up your stuff (which some kind soul will be guarding). We can trust each other right? We’re flash mob brethren now, and we’ll find 2 people to guard the stash of backpacks and shit.

    So. That’s it. I hope at least some of you think this will be funny or crazy enough to come out and participate. Come on though, it’s mummies of campus. How can we lose?

    Also, we will be doing this at precisely 12:56. Not noon. Because that’s when classes switch and there will be alot of people on campus. We will need quite a bit of time to set up and get everyone through make-up (toilet paper) so I’m hesitant to change the meeting time. But if you’re going to be late, just come straight to the staging point (tunnels between Leacock and Redpath) instead of the main gates.

    PS. If you don’t want to bewrapped up in Toilet Paper, you can be a scared plainclothes operative, or help guard everybody’s stuff, or help with clean up, or run the calisthenics. Point is, I need voulunteers for non-mummy positions.

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