● GoDaddy promo codes – non-expiring!

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OYH8: Get 10% off any Godaddy order with this coupon. No maximum.

OYH9: Get 5$ off any Godaddy order of 30$ or more.

OYH10: Get your .COM for 7.45$ ($2.50 off)

Feel free to comment about Godaddy or the codes below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, try to find a Godaddy promo code here.

Try this link if you’re looking for a dreamhost promo code instead.



128 responses to “● GoDaddy promo codes – non-expiring!”

  1. […] I’m not sure if it was as a result of someone reading my post or my subconscious is clairvoyant, but a week later PodShow podcasts are now providing promo codes for its new sponsor GoDaddy. The DSC debuted them on episode 358 on Wednesday, and Julien of inoveryourhead.net has them too. Check out Julien’s promo codes. [J, doing my part to make you the #1 Julien on Google,p]. […]

  2. scwizard Avatar

    Thanks, just saved a few cents.

  3. Hilary Avatar

    Googled “GoDaddy promo codes” and IOYH magically appeared! Saved me a few dollars. THANKS Julien!

  4. JD Avatar

    I just saved $6 at Godaddy on three dot coms.

    Thanks for the tip!

    PS Since you gave me the low down on the promo codes, if you\\\’re ever interested in domain names and TLDs check out the link.

  5. Win Avatar

    Thanks for saving me $11.84 with OYH1!

  6. MonavieDrink.com Avatar

    Thanks guys, you just saved me a bunch of money at Godaddy!

    Thanks for the codes.

  7. mobileireland.net Avatar

    Thanks guys just save some $$\’s using \”OYH3\”

    Thanks for the Godaddy codes

  8. […] Oh yeah, and don’t forget about these GoDaddy promo codes if you need any. Show the love. Also of interest: PodCamp! […]

  9. Alen Avatar

    Yes but u could always just make a BIG Back-up and then just transfer to the other package

  10. Upoznavanje Avatar

    Thanks, i’m save ~$25 on bulk register.

    P.S. OYH3 only works for .com names

  11. Antoine Avatar

    Thx Julien, just registered with a new domain with your Godaddy promo code.

  12. Jeff Avatar

    OYH3 just worked for me and I had an existing account. Thanks!

  13. […] While I don’t like to focus on the financial aspect of the work I do, I just received word from Podshow that my GoDaddy codes have become ridiculously popular. With that in mind, I thought I’d do a little post on how best to use them. The codes again: […]

  14. Vino Avatar

    Thanks. Just saved 5$. you are great..:)

  15. Eric Avatar

    $5 stays in my pocket! Thanks!

  16. Amanda Nguyen Avatar

    Thanks alot! I just saved about 90 cents!

  17. Paula Avatar

    I had to renew 5 domain names and thought that I would do a search on godaddy promo codes and found this one OYH3 and it worked! $2.00 off each name you renew!! Thanks!!

  18. Antarius Avatar

    Just saved $2 on a renewal, when they offered me no discount at all! Thanks@

  19. Chris Avatar

    The good news is…

    I just saved a bunch on money on car insurance.

    …I mean GoDaddy, $38.00 to be exact!



  20. Mark Avatar

    Wow – it still works a treat. Cheers.

  21. […] This status translates into significant web traffic. Prior to May, Julien was seeing light traffic on his Godaddy promo code page – maybe 100 hits per month. Since then, traffic to that page has increased significantly: 800 hits in May, 1300 in June, 2100 in July. Now he gets 3000 hits per month on that one page alone! Remember, that’s not his main page, and just one of many on his site that generate traffic. And… all of that traffic from a single Google search string. […]

  22. Dawson Avatar

    Thanks! Saved $5.08 with 10% code! Better than nothing!

  23. Viv Avatar

    Thanks! I saved $8 total using OHY3 to renew my 4 .com’s.

  24. alex Avatar

    Thank you very much 🙂

  25. Steve Avatar

    Very nice codes, saved me a bit on renewal and purchase of .COMs 🙂 I’ll make sure to share as well.

  26. KonradK Avatar


    Just renewed my domain for 7.20$ instead of 9.20$


  27. Tripter Avatar

    Have searched and tried promo codes many times, but this is only the 2nd time they every worked. Helped me save some money on some travel guide and hotel reservation domains.

    Many thanks!

  28. Carrie Avatar

    Thank you ! I saved 8.88 on my GoDaddy account 😉

  29. AG Avatar

    Thank you thank you thank you – any way to undercut the vile Bob Parsons is OK by me.

  30. phil Avatar

    Great! Thanks, I am running a bunch of websites about rock and pop music and I saved a bunch of money on registering new domains for parking.


  31. Lisa Avatar

    Thankyou! I used OYH3 for my renewals, it worked just fine.

  32. Aaron Hardy Avatar

    Woot woot…OYH3 saved me on my renewals today! Thanks!

  33. Julien Avatar

    Wow, there’s a lot of comments here. I wish I knew how many domains I’ve helped Godaddy register… I should get some Yahoo codes.

  34. bylamo Avatar

    Wow thanks for that man!! A dollar saved is a dollar earned

  35. Gavin Avatar

    Do you have any codes for renewal or a .org domain instead of a .com.

    Let me know, thanks again.


  36. […] (I keep registering domain names, using Julien’s GoDaddy discount codes for projects that pop into my head. Some are commercial sorts of things, but others are more alturistic projects… I’m going to start trying to be more vocal about what some of these project ideas are). Filed under: politics, media, education, data […]

  37. Dngloz Avatar

    Thanks for the coupons,saved 2$
    Are there any coupons for renewing the hosting ?

  38. James Avatar

    I just found this coupon code: cjc795sale
    you can use it at checkout for a discount as well

  39. Cathy Avatar

    Thanks for the registration renewal code – it saved me $2!!

  40. Antoine Avatar

    Thanks again Julien. I just register the best domain name evah. 😉

  41. E3pO Avatar

    OMG thank you so much was $30.00 and now its $27.73!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  42. hilary Avatar

    dude I hope you’re making some dinero from godaddy cause it looks like I’m not the only one still using these codes. they always save me a little cash. thanks julien!

  43. Indian Art Avatar

    Thanks, did save me quite a few bucks for a domain I was booking for 10 years.

  44. morphimus Avatar

    Thanks for saving me $5.00

  45. Greg Avatar

    Thanks! OYH3 worked great. Saved $$$. I really appreciate it.

  46. mp3b Avatar

    Thanks! saved me a lot of bucks$$

  47. julie Avatar

    Awesome! Thanks for the information!
    OYH3 saved me on my renewals at godaddy.com

  48. […] spent $27.28 for the domain names and private registration. That’s after a discount at the in over your head blog. The hosting was […]

  49. Joel Avatar

    saved $2 on my new domain

    thanks for the code

  50. satya Avatar

    Just saved me $2 on my first domain…..initially i was sceptic about that but it worked….for a .com it costs $6.95+.20 (icann fees .20) = $7.15 instead of $9.15 if you use above links.

    And perhaps icann fees is applicable to all other domains that u get from them.Not sure about this

    BTW Thanx Much

  51. […] GoDaddy promo codes – non-expiring! … promo codes in del.icio.us. OYH1: Get 10% off any Godaddy order with this coupon. No … GoDaddy promo code list or a Godaddy coupon. Austin web design … […]

  52. upoznavanje Avatar

    for orders over 50$ you can use “BTPS7” , it’s giving 20% off.

  53. evden eve nakliyat Avatar

    GoDaddy promo codes – non-expiring! … promo codes in del.icio.us. OYH1: Get 10% off any Godaddy order with this coupon. No … GoDaddy promo code list or a Godaddy coupon. Austin web design …

  54. Liberty Videos Avatar

    Never purchase/renew from GoDaddy without using Coupon Codes. Thanks OYH 🙂

  55. gian Avatar

    THANK YOU — i saved a few bucks!

  56. Karl Avatar

    Awesome, godaddy is already cheap – you make them cheaper. Thanks for sharing.

  57. evden eve nakliyat Avatar

    Thanks again Julien. I just register the best domain name evah. 😉

  58. Serdar Avatar

    6.95$ .com very good.

  59. lashawn Avatar

    this was great…i saved $7 on my purchase and bought a 3rd site…

    check me out at http://www.bizzcitti.com

  60. Elizabeth Avatar

    Hey thanks.
    Worked like a charm I saved 19 bucks on 2 domains!

  61. zeytin Avatar

    thanks for every thingd

  62. Kimberly Avatar

    I purchased a domain name, then waited until they offered me the website tonight service at 25% off, after my transaction, THEN I used your coupon for an additional $5 off. Awesome. Thanks!

    So I saved $17 for the year.

  63. Todd Dellagio Avatar

    Most awesome. I have used this coupon several times and have saved so many times. This is great!!!

  64. jocuri Avatar

    6.95$ .com very good.

  65. Angel Avatar

    Thanks for the codes, they still work!


  66. Kalman Avatar

    I have been using OYH3 for the past couple of months but thanks for mentioning it. 🙂

    We now need some discount codes for the new .me domain extensions, lol. 🙂


  67. […] the codes here) Misc, Technology Subscribe to RSS […]

  68. eGoDaddy Avatar

    Someone asked about the .me domain discounts; we found a code and posted it on our GoDaddy blog…think 10% off .ME domains currently.

  69. World News Avatar


    It works and i saved around $20.


  70. Gulf News Avatar

    Any promo codes for dedicated servers?

  71. Salon Equipment Avatar

    I found another great code – 199Test, it enabled .com domains for $1.99 first year only. I checked it again today and it had expired 🙁

    Your codes are great, I’m going to save money thanks to you!



  72. Piyush Soni Avatar

    Hey thanks !!
    Saved 2.5 dollars by entering OYH3 🙂

  73. Jennifer Avatar

    THANK YOU! SAVED $2.50

  74. just a dude Avatar

    OHY3 still working as of 11/26/2008

  75. Josh Avatar

    Wonderful! I saved mega money!

  76. Lorna Avatar

    Yes! I love OYH3, works on my expiring domain! Thank you so much!!

  77. Dan Avatar

    Hi, any valid godaddy deals or codes for .info domains? Thanks

  78. evden eve nakliyat Avatar

    I have been using OYH3 for the past couple of months but thanks for mentioning it. 🙂

  79. Bill Avatar

    OYH3 saved me $$ today, on 10 bulk renewals. Note that you get a GoDaddy bulk discount anyway, for anywhere btwn 6 and 20 domains renewed at once, but this OYH3 code saves even more. Probably an extra 10% to 15% in my case today.

  80. Eric Avatar

    OYH3 still good…

  81. jaime Avatar

    just used oyh3. almost 25% off. not bad at all. thks for the info.

  82. Michael Avatar

    Thanks saved $20 in total!

  83. Jackie Avatar

    You saved me $$ today, too – thanks to oyh3!!

  84. Malik Avatar

    Thank for the code oyh3. Saved me some money.

  85. orlando cerpeda Avatar
    orlando cerpeda

    Gracias!! A penas ahorre $5!

  86. spokanereef Avatar

    HOLY CRAP! Saved me a lot of dough ray and ME


  87. live4now Avatar

    thank YOU, i just saved $7.50 on a 3-yr domain.

  88. Ejoker Avatar

    Just renewed my domain for another year
    thanks a lot man.

  89. Ejoker Avatar

    Oh yeah i forgot to add that i used “BTPS4”
    to get 10% off, and it will get you 10% off of everything.

  90. Godaddy Hosting Avatar

    Thanks for the great codes. I’ve used these numerous times and saved lots of money with them.

  91. Spizzy Avatar

    Awesome Thanks! Used OYH1 and it just saved me about $12.

  92. will Avatar

    Codes still working, thanks for saving me 10% at godaddy.

  93. JAG Avatar

    I did bulk .com renewal 6 to 20 and OYH3 works for me. Reduced the price from 8.99 to 7.49 per domain. Thank you guys. Jag

  94. Scott Sambucci Avatar

    These codes still work! Thanks!

  95. Daduru Avatar

    Thanks, you saved me some money. 🙂

  96. HelioDavid Avatar

    Wow, OYH3 let me renew a bunch of .com domains for two years for 7.69/yr including fee. Thanks!

  97. beyaz eÅŸya servisi Avatar

    Wow, OYH3 let me renew a bunch of .com domains for two years for 7.69/yr including fee. Thanks!

  98. Ms Biz Avatar
    Ms Biz

    I just used the OYH3 code and it worked (YEAH!) ok so I saved about $3.00 that’s just great.Thanx 4 posting the discount codes.

  99. Guy Porter Avatar

    Thanks for the info. Amazing that these things never expire! That’s grat financial planning.

  100. coffee fan Avatar

    fab codes, thx for the hook ups

  101. arnold Avatar

    Thank you for the tip… Just saved a few bucks!

  102. Ian Avatar

    OYH7 still working June 11, 2009. Thank you!

  103. eniyimuzik Avatar

    These codes still work! Thanks!

  104. Moody Avatar

    WOW – from $53.45 to $38.45 with the oyh7 code – THANK YOU!!!

  105. Holly Avatar

    OYH7 still working … thank you saved $4.00

  106. Carl - Web Courses Bangkok Avatar

    haya, wanted to say thanks!

    I just saved $20 on a big order 🙂



  107. Marketing Made Easy Avatar

    Just want to say thanks! I used OYH7 today and saved $5 on my GoDaddy order of 2 domains.

    David Tinney
    Marketing Made Easy

  108. evdenevenakliyat Avatar

    OYH7 still working … thank you saved $4.00

  109. abe Avatar

    oyh7 – worked – saved over 15 bucks – thanks!

  110. Santiago Avatar

    OYH7 still working… thanks!

  111. Matt Avatar

    Got here from a quick google search for “godaddy promo code” on a whim and this was the third hit. The “non-expiring” in the subject caught my eye.

    OYH7 still works. I saved $12 on my renewal. Thank you!

  112. evden eve nakliyat Avatar

    These codes still work! Thanks

  113. kali Avatar

    Still work, just saved 10%. Thanks! Woot!

  114. Patrick Avatar

    Does anyone else find searching for promo codes to be addictive?

  115. evden eve nakliyat Avatar

    how do i find new codes?

  116. SOPHIA Avatar


    You just saved me $6/domain name reg. Absolutely fantastic!!! Thanks so much xoxoxo

  117. Evden eve nakliyat Avatar

    OYH7 still working… thanks!…

  118. Edward Roberts Jr. Avatar

    I just registered one domain using this code and it worked! thank you!

  119. Alice Avatar

    OYH7 still working… thanks!…

  120. Sameir Avatar

    OYH7 saved lots of money for me.

  121. evden eve Avatar

    OYH7 still working… thanks!…

  122. Zavodjenje Avatar

    Worked for me just fine!

  123. david Avatar

    Here is a code i just recently used and it worked great

    HOSTCCH $1.99 a month for Economy Hosting Plan + 1 Free Domain

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