Podcast #113

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I recorded this yesterday. I promise the enhanced one will be out fast.

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Links: 5ives.com, Gaping Void blog, Kunta Kinte Wikipedia page.






4 responses to “Podcast #113”

  1. [insert clever name] Avatar

    “Roots” is one of the first books I ever read cover to cover. Great show!

  2. tommy z Avatar
    tommy z

    that map you got on the side-bar blows my mind, the obvious globalization of a thing like a podcast is crazy

  3. jason Avatar

    loved this show. fantastic music from beginning to end. as for “roots,” there has never been a miniseries like it on television before and there will never be one like it on the airwaves again. that was 1977 or something when it aired. that’s just crazy…

  4. Rod Adams Avatar


    I clearly remember watching Roots with my family when I was a senior in high school. It was incredible and made a difference in my life, even though I am not an African American.

    I now live in Annapolis, MD and often walk on the city dock where there is a statue of Alex Haley reading his stories to fascinated young people.

    The waterway that reaches the dock is now known as “Ego Alley”, and is named for the parade of expensive boats that often cruise in, but there was a very dark time in our history when the boats coming in that water way were full of human cargo. Kunta Kinte was said to have been on one of those boats.

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