Open source movement and evolution

A bunch of us got together the other day at Laika in order to discuss common threads in the open source movement. Incredible blog posts (1, 2, 3) and vlogs (1, 2) have come out of it. This is my longwinded, probably incoherent, overdue response.


Direct link (22 mins)





6 responses to “Open source movement and evolution”

  1. hugh Avatar

    nice one julian. I need to listen again before commenting substantially.

  2. DHP Avatar

    Love the show dude. I think we’re kin on some level.
    Hasta la vicotria siempre!

  3. mtl3p Avatar

    love the “carving the world into our own image”. Love. it. 🙂

    and congrats about adam curry. that’s very cool.

    good job, man.

  4. Merc Avatar

    You need to edit a few words 😉 and your mutattive ideas !

  5. Alicia Anderson Avatar
    Alicia Anderson

    Hip hop is more than just music hip hop is a state of mind.

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