What to do with your life

Good reading for a Sunday afternoon (via MarkTAW.com):

“Should I work hard, be frugal & miserable now so I can enjoy life later, or should I enjoy life now, but work more & harder later?” Everyone faces these questions at some point in their life. What would you say if I told you there was an answer?

Mark doesn’t quite answer this question, but he does help put you in a position to find an answer yourself, which is probably more valuable.

I’ve also been using Mark’s Get Back to Work tool for a while now, with pretty good results. Simple but effective. Visit that too, and let me know how it goes!





2 responses to “What to do with your life”

  1. Jun Harada Avatar
    Jun Harada

    I would say that the extremes are no good. i am a big fan of do it later, but i would say find the balance. i like to go out to sweat lodges on native american reservations, that stuff is pretty much a crazy trip. i first did it when i was in a drug rehab in washington state near the border of canada of all places. it was just a great and extremely intense experience.

    i’ve been meaning to tell u that i really enjoyed that cast u did a while back with alex from clever name. big respect to alex for his work in the field. also have u heard food for animals? great band from DC area in the US.

  2. mark - tartanpodcast.com Avatar

    Work, pay your bills, enjoy your life. Just don’t think about it too much.

    Nice quotation box, btw. Copy-cat 😛

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