People who DO want you here

My friend Dave:

An appreciative neighbourhood

My local bulk food store recently got firebombed, twice. They put up a sign asking “who doesn’t want us here?” So I put up a sign Friday saying “people who do want you here:” and signed my name, and left a couple of permanent markers there. Three hours later, the sign was completely full, and someone had even left some flowers.

The whole story.





5 responses to “People who DO want you here”

  1. [insert clever name] Avatar

    Guy I passed in front of it yesterday morning. This is incredible. Give people the occasion to express themselves and they will do it!

  2. hugh Avatar

    is this harji’s old place?

  3. Jake Avatar

    Yup, it’s Harji’s. Apparently Mrs. Harji was even out protesting the firebombings last weekend.

    My david is the bestest ever.

  4. doc Avatar

    Any word on what manner of asshole is behind this? Harji is like the nicest guy on earth. Fuck that shit.

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