Giant hide and seek game

There is a gigantic hide and seek game going on in the Plateau Mont-Royal this Saturday afternoon. I don’t really have any details yet, but I’ll post them up here as soon as I do!

Update! Carré St-Louis’ ice cream shoppe, 5 PM, tomorrow!!!
Here’s a Google Map to the area. Email me beforehand!





3 responses to “Giant hide and seek game”

  1. levis oakey Avatar
    levis oakey

    hey, when and where is this happening, i know it say’s this saturday afternoon, but is that like saturday april 22nd? or what’s the deal?

  2. Elliott Avatar

    I might show up, any other information we need to know, or rules perhaps …

  3. Moses Avatar

    I showed up, but the game must’ve started early because I didn’t find anyone… nor the ice cream shoppe at Sqr St-Louis. Maybe they were hiding from the rain?

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