Podcast 115 – Soul Position, Mr Lif, Copywrite, P.O.S.

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Half an hour of hip-hop and nonsense.


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8 responses to “Podcast 115 – Soul Position, Mr Lif, Copywrite, P.O.S.”

  1. Soul Position, Mr Lif, Copywrite, P.O.S. – IOYH #115

    [Source: Hip Hop Podcast – Hip Hop Blog – Independent Hip Hop] quoted: – “P.O.S. Is Ruining My Life” Copywrite – “Die Another Day” (download) Mr Lif – “I Phantom” (Emergency Rations EP) Soul Positi…

  2. Rob McDougall Avatar

    Mate! Waiting for the enhanced version! It’s been a while! Everything ok?


  3. [insert clever name] Avatar

    Guy! Autographed shoes? wtf?

  4. Alex Avatar

    Fuck yea, glad to see IOYH isn’t going to podfade on me… I dug the P.O.S. track you played, which surprised me because the clips I heard of the recent album didn’t excite me much… will have to check him out again…

    Also, love the new Soul Position… glad you played a track…

  5. Podpimp Avatar

    More copywrite please.

  6. mark - tartanpodcast.com Avatar

    Loved it. The rants get better and better. I think you actually *were* drinking the paint.

  7. jason Avatar

    autographed shoes? you’ve gotta be kidding me. the pitch just screams, “hey look…seeing as how hip-hop listeners tend to kill each other just for stepping on each other’s sneakers, a pair of autographed kicks has to be worth something to you…”

    clearly they don’t know who you are…

  8. Short and Sweet : petit passage en revue des blogs d’ici et d’ailleurs

    Des informations à vous transmettre sur les blogs d’ici et d’ailleurs alors pas de temps à perdre, je vous les livre en vrac:- Natacha QS nous invite tous à faire du VlogCrossing ce que je compte prochainement expérimenter…

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