Ile Sans Fil’s podcasting project

I am looking for the best of Montreal’s podcasts for a project collaboration with Ile Sans Fil. We intend to make them available to users at each of ISF’s most high traffic hotspot locations across Montreal, so send me a comment/email with your best stuff, and we’ll get it on there for you. This is free publicity, people!!! Please distribute this on your blog so we can get a lot of people involved!





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  1. François Avatar

    It won’t be at all hotspots, but selected ones (where we get a lot of traffic). Also you could put a link to the map instead of the list ( ).

  2. Pierre Avatar

    Hello there,

    My name is Pierre and I am the host for a french speaking podcast called Le Podcast de la Cabane au Canada that can be found at the URL:

    My podcast is mainly a soundseeing tour of the Montréal area and often outside of it.

    I would be glad to benefit from some publicity! 🙂

    Feel free to contact me.


  3. steve Avatar

    we’ve been at it for a couple months now, we’ve got two shows on the site, “blah blah blah” is political and “the weekly variety hour” is music, pop culture, etc… we’re looking for someone to put together a french program for the site.

  4. steve Avatar

    sorry should have given my URL…

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