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I just got an email from my affiliate program guys about eMusic, the usual advertiser I place at the top of my sidebar (where the Podcasters Across Borders link is right now). Contained within was this message:

May 2006 is the final month for eMusic’s “50 free downloads” promotion.

In June we will roll out all new creative and a new promotion. We encourage you to take advantage of eMusic’s current offer before it ends. If you have any questions or concerns about the June 1 switch please feel free to contact us.

As anyone that listens to my podcast can tell, I promote eMusic to pretty much everyone I know. I noticed Chris from Indiefeed recently posted about them too; in my opinion, eMusic are the best provider of independent music of all genres on the web today, all available in DRM-free, high-quality MP3 format.

Anyway, so the promo is ending, and who knows what it’ll be replaced with.

Now we know! 🙂 I still highly recommend eMusic however. Try it out – it’s free and gives you 25 free downloads to keep, even if you decide not to keep your account. If you do, let me know how you liked it… and if you need any more information, here’s the eMusic Wikipedia page.

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20 responses to “eMusic “Download 50 Free” promotion ending”

  1. jason Avatar

    i did check out the emusic promotion. have to say, i was impressed by their back catalog. lots of items that i wasn\’t even thinking about. my wife was in heaven – lots of new wave, industrial, and punk albums on that site. finding emusic was like getting in touch with the music she grew up with in a whole new format.

    up until now, when i do buy digital music, i had been buying from bleep.com – also DRM-free and high-quality files. i tend to buy individual songs, seeing as how i\’m still on a dial-up (long story). there\’s also beatport.com, which i\’ve been meaning to check out: they\’re more electronic dance music-oriented than other sites.

  2. Julien Avatar

    Yeah, I’m still in love with eMusic. I just wish there was a way for me to get two accounts! 90 downloads a month is seriously not enough.

  3. wonea Avatar

    Throughly brilliant site! I’m on a yearly subscription plan, and still buy the odd upgrade pack! 90 tracks isn’t enough.

    The choice is much better these days.

  4. Wesley A. WArren. Avatar
    Wesley A. WArren.

    THE MYSTERY OF THE SHRINKING FREE SONG OFFER—-I\’m sure this not all a grand conspiracy between emusic and iriver to drive their customers crazy. it is just that someone in either or both cimpanies has created a fiasco that leaves the customer with a nasty case of vertigo. Today I recieved my wife\’s Silver Anniversary present.Inside the box was a certificate entitling her to a trial run with emusic for 100 free songs. The iriver website states there are 50free songs and your website calls for 25. 3 free offers=one overdose of confusion.4x is a long way from the songs offered in the package from the 25 offered on your website.To date not one company out of 3 has failed to stand behind their in pacckage offer.Rhapsody,Audible e-books and Y! music all had altered their original offers but stood by the in package deals.I hope you will follow suit.-thank you W.A.W.

  5. Rob Avatar

    I was disappointed with eMusic. Many reasons: not having original versions of classic rock; lacking in their Classical department; poor search. eMusic seems to be aimed at independent artist promotion — didn\’t get that impression in the beginning. My error.

  6. Bob Avatar

    Do you know how “podsafe” eMusic content is? I’ve been relying solely on the Podsafe Music Network for the songs on my podcast (jogtunesindie.com) but would like to try other sources.

  7. don gerrow Avatar
    don gerrow

    my wife got me a rca mp3 player for christmas, and a card from emusic was with it , card is for 100 free mp3s!,i would like to use it but you want my creadet card number, why do want it when it is free with the perchis of an rca mp3 player, i’m gona ask rca the same question.

  8. Jeremy Avatar

    A little FYI… if you try eMusic via the “trial period” be aware that if you go over the specified downloads, even if you are still in the trial period, you will be charged for a month’s service.

    I don’t recommend eMusic. I got screwed that way, and I think that it is deceptive.

  9. michelle Avatar

    I bought your mp3 player, due to the free100 songs. Then you say I need to have a credit card. Then it was never free. I’ll never buy your product again. Good lie.

  10. Get Real! Avatar
    Get Real!

    Be reasonable! Your credit is usually required (1) to verify your identity, (2) to make it easy to continue on to paid service, and (3) coz they are hoping you’ll screw up and forget to cancel during the free period.

    But follow the rules and services like this ARE free. They hope, of course, that you’ll be so impressed you’ll stick around and hand over some cash.

    At the moment its all rather academic as the eMusic site seems to be having some trouble – asking me to log in before I’ve seen a page!

  11. talimilo Avatar

    i want to quit the program

  12. Deb Avatar

    I bought my daughter an mp3 player for christmas and cannot get her 100 free downloads that came with it. I feel she should be entitled to what came / in the box it came with. SINCERLY YOURS

  13. cindy Avatar


    I also purchased a mp3 player for my daughter for christmas…and two more for my step daughters….and was looking for those free mp3..too on the card.
    I am not putting a credit card number in for something free that was promised with the purchase of the rca player. and it only says 25 free for a trial…when the card said 100!
    I bought 3 mp3 players! If the promotion is over don’t put the card in with the mp3 player…it did not say it was over on the card

  14. Jim Mora Avatar
    Jim Mora

    I got totally screwed by this company. I signed up for the 50 free download bs and well forgot to cancel after 5 days. Here I am $220.00 later and finally the stopped billing my credit card. They just said oh well read the TOS. They did however offer me 150 free downloads to be used within 5 days. Just went on their site for hours and downloaded nothing. Buyer beware, these guys really know how to stick it to you. The only think I know is KARMA will get them for sure! If you have questions please email me anyone I can help avoind these crooks I’d be happy to help. jim@jimmora.com

  15. Guy Goossens Avatar
    Guy Goossens

    I am being charged £8.99 per month on my Visa Credit Card account but have only visited your website. I have not used it by downloading music. Can you please contact me?

  16. geneva rawlings Avatar
    geneva rawlings

    I am not a part of your membership program. I did not download any music. I don’t even have e-mail confirmation that I was on a trial or member service. Give me back My 19.99.

  17. cayley armstrong Avatar
    cayley armstrong

    i was a member for a few years but was ripped off when their software played up. i complained as i was stil being charged for the service but could not download anything. I cancelled my membership, was not offerered compensation for the 3 months of down time and was offered no explanation of the poor service. Stay away from this site completely. i suggest you try either http://www.mp3sale.ru or http://www.allofmp3.com just to show these yankee arseholes we are not going to be ripped off anymore.

  18. rhonda watkins Avatar
    rhonda watkins

    I do not want to continue my membership beyond my trial date please advise on how to cancel. Your website does not offer an easy way to cancel.

  19. Ric Avatar

    I have been trying to end my trial memberships online with emusic for a few days now (ends 5-08-07 and have not received any confirmation as to whether my membership has ended. Is there another way to contact them to cancel before they charge me. Thank you…

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