Michel Leblanc,

… a blogger from Montreal, writes:

Dear Julien,

My wife Christine does not know much about computer, blogging or technology but she really is passionate about music and especially about underground, hip hop, house, alternative and the likes. As you already know, I am passionate about technology and about blogging but I am quite illiterate about music. I am telling you this because recently I bought Christine an iPod and a beginner’s book about PCs, windows and Internet.

Since I know you and your love for the kind of stuff she crave about, I directed her and helped her download several of your podcast. She is now hooked on your stuff and became one of your ardent groupies. No thanks to you, I now have to help her out download and transfer to her iPod all of your stuff. Then she wants to find out more about the groups you talked about and I also have to help her navigate with google to find out about those groups. You are now officially a burden to me and the next time I see you I will give you crap for having addicted my wife to your stuff.

Started off my weekend quite well. 🙂






3 responses to “Michel Leblanc,”

  1. Michel Leblanc Avatar

    Dear Julien. I’ll have to give you even more crap. Nice posting but wrong URL

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