Old people

I love old people, and I love old people’s blogs – especially when they talk about old people stuff.

I keep telling people that when I’m older I want to be harmonica-playing, sunglasses-wearing old man in a suit and a fedora, with gold teeth and lots of tattoos. A lot of the time they think I’m kidding, but most of the time I’m really not. I’m striving to be the stereotype, but that’s because I appreciate the stereotype for what it is. I want to be a wily, styling, thoughtful old guy. I’m not interested in the early-bird supper, I never will be, and I’m comfortable with that. I’m hoping it’ll make me more friends with young people than the average khaki sporting 65+ man. In fact, I’ll probably be saying at that age: “I love young people, and I love young people’s blogs.” 🙂

That’s why I appreciate it when Scoble talks about his mother passing away (as sad as the topic is), and also why I appreciate Dave Winer (as much as people keep telling me to drop him). I feel like, on occasion, I get really good morsels of old guy wisdom. And seeing as I’m planning on dishing it out, I had better be getting it from somewhere! So if you know any good old guy blogs, I’d love to hear about them. Peace.





4 responses to “Old people”

  1. Jose Avatar

    HI, I love old people, too, ’cause I’m one of them. Well, I’m 47, but that doesn’t matter. See, what I really want is to show you my website, which really can change your life. I don’t sell anything, I promote those products, but you can learn a lot reading the content of my links.
    God bless you all, Jose from Perú.

  2. eleanor gibb Avatar

    I love some old people; hate others — pretty much as I’ve always done. I love people that want to laugh. People that talk to people they don’t know almost as easily as they do to those they know. People that listen to new ideas and occasionally have one of their own, People who judge others by the content of their souls not the cost of their heels. I lke fun. Animal Planet. CSI. Jazz. Books. News. My daughter. Friends. Traveling. Dark chocolate. Golden old jokes.
    I dislike the man I overheard recently saying “We’re all upper management people here.” I dislike the fear of non-conformity. I fear the over adherence to rules and the under adherence to common sense. I don’t like micro management or micro minds. But then. I’m 71 and a bit “sot in my ways”.

  3. kay Avatar

    i love listerning to old people the way the go on bout the war and how they used to get all the ladies wen they were younge there parties and most ov all i love hearing bout how my nanna and grandad met.
    cheers kay

  4. tahlie Avatar

    i love old people and when i grow up thats what i wanna be

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