MUTEK starts tomorrow

As of tomorrow, me and theseguys are going to be doing loads of recording for the MUTEK festival, an internationally renowned minimalist techno and arts music festival that happens in Montréal. You’ll see discussion panels being podcasted (feed), interviews with artists, and loads of other stuff.

While I’m doing this, you frikking vultures, I will also be preparing a couple of my regular podcasts. Not that I don’t appreciate your constant hounding. 🙂





2 responses to “MUTEK starts tomorrow”

  1. jason Avatar

    ah, Mutek. perhaps i’ll actually make it to the festival during this lifetime. what better reason to cross the border? anyhow, much love to the velvetpanda peeps for giving us lowly stateside heads the lowdown. can’t wait to check it out.

  2. Rob McDougall Avatar

    haha glad to see the hounding paid off =P
    have an awesome time 🙂

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