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As of June 1st 2006, eMusic reviews its new promo for signing up, changing it to 25 free downloads, instead of 50. I remember some people even got 100 downloads somehow, back in the day, but no more. If I could bring it back, guys, I would. But it just ain’t happening.

I had a feeling that the number of downloads was going to drop when I got a message about promotion changes in my inbox last month, so I ended up looking around a lot for other music sites that offered good deals. I checked Yahoo Music, Rhapsody, Napster, iTunes, all that stuff. But frankly, I was really unimpressed.

I have never cared for unlimited downloads if I can’t keep the music when I unsubscribe (which I will if you suck), and if my music isn’t in a free format like MP3, I feel like I’m making a bet that the iPod is going to be the device that rules the market until the end of time. Which it will not, by the way.

As for eMusic, I still love the service, the price (25 cents a song or less), and the selection. (Today I picked up Public Enemy, Saint-Etienne, and Magnetic Fields.) And as such, I will continue to put the banner in my sidebar, and I hope you guys will try it out. If you like it, great, and if you didn’t, you basically got two and a half albums for free, so you shouldn’t complain. 🙂 So click here to go get ’em.

Try out eMusic for free






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  1. mark - tartanpodcast.com Avatar

    Signed up, downloading Aimee Mann’s latest album as I type. Nice one. How do you become an affilliate?

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