MUTEK 2006 panel – Music in the Future

Panel 2: Music in the Future: Perspectives and New Models

This panel was right up my alley, and if you like information and discussion that relates around the music industry, you’ll love this (especially since it relates to digital distribution of music). Here’s the direct link to the file.






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  1. […] is recording the panel discussions at Mutek and generating podcasts. Great stuff so far and is much appreciated. Even if I was still in Montreal, chances are I’d be missing 99% of it. The Music of the Future discussion is really interesting. Filed under: life – […]

  2. jason Avatar

    thoroughly enjoyed this – very informative. totally forgot about the WEED file format. that’s the only way i can see DRM working to someone’s advantage. really eager to hear the panel regarding the possible (eventual?) death of vinyl…

  3. Stephany22 Avatar

    Interesting because while searching the net I found your blog about
    MUTEK 2006 panel – Music in the Future
    of course i dont agree with everything but you have good points. thx for the info!

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