MUTEK 2006 panel – Records… Dead?

Hey, sorry it took so long to get this out. This is the last of the MUTEK 2006 panels, titled Records… Dead? The panelists. In my opinion, this was the most interesting of all the panels available this year. Not only did it pique my interest in music, but it also addressed digital distribution. I was so engrossed in the topic that I found myself adding to the discussion at the very end! So look for that, I’m the podcasting guy in the back. 🙂

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6 responses to “MUTEK 2006 panel – Records… Dead?”

  1. […] Inoveryourhead has recorded and offers as a podcast one of their expert/industry panels on ‘Are Records Dead?’. The podcast addresses issues of digital distribution and changes in media. It features speakers from Beatport (digital distributors), Forced Exposure (traditional distributors) artists and marketing managers. […]

  2. […] I recently attended and participated to a panel during Mutek. It has been recorded and is now available as a podcast here . […]

  3. Eric Avatar

    This is the best discussion on this topic I’ve ever heard. It really seems like any of these guys have a deep understanding of the changing music market.

  4. dr.Zoiberg Avatar

    The link to the mp3 doesn’t work anymore.
    Any chanche someone could send me the file?

  5. nawtika Avatar

    would love to listen to this but the direct link is down and the stream doesn’t work. any chance this could
    come back up? would be interesting to hear this from 2008.

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