Podcast 145… just kidding.

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Yeah, I just want to thank Paris Hilton for being on show 135, and for Adam Curry for coming out of the closet on show 143. P Diddy, keep it real my brotha, it was good having you on too. All you guys’ support is really amazing. Thanks so much.

Links later! I want to get out of the house. Links now!

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4 responses to “Podcast 145… just kidding.”

  1. hugh Avatar

    hey dude, found your podcast through http://collectik.net … great show. wanna go to kingston? i have a car reserved.

  2. tom Avatar

    Awesome set, absolutely fantastic.

  3. Cameron Reilly Avatar

    hey julien, found your show through the post you left on our forums (http://forum.thepodcastnetwork.com/viewtopic.php?p=197#197). Love that first track by Akir! Never thought I’d hear Van Halen sampled into a rap track again after Tone Loc.

  4. AKIR Avatar

    Thanks for all the support ya’ll. I’m glad people still appreciate real Hip-Hop. Check my new album “Legacy”

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