Podcast 117 – Dopestyle 1231, Public Enemy, Wax Tailor

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I’m off to Podcasters Across Borders, where I’m speaking early Saturday morning and participating in panel later on in the day. For this reason, the enhanced podcast that usually accompanies this show will not come out until after the weekend. So enjoy it now!

The enhanced feed is updated. Grab it here.

Rebirth Of A Nation

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7 responses to “Podcast 117 – Dopestyle 1231, Public Enemy, Wax Tailor”

  1. david Avatar

    so so glad to see your podcast again. my life was a ghost of its former self until the little blue dot appeared next to your name in Itunes. Thanks for all the great music and culture you provide. peace.

  2. Julien Avatar

    A shadow of your former self? Get a hold of yourself man!!! 🙂

  3. david Avatar

    hey, you and alex talk about “MC” all the time. How can I listen to her podcast?

  4. david Avatar

    Are you kidding? Gettting ahold of myself was how I made it through without a podcast! How else could I keep myself busy…

  5. jason Avatar

    of all the movies podshow could’ve gotten involved with, it had to be a shawn and marlon wayans joint. i couldn’t help wincing when you said that.

    p.s. if thugs wanna act like hard rocks, it’s your perogative to throw hard rocks. (yeah, i say that now, but i wouldn’t want unnecessary drama in that situation, either…)

  6. Krash Coarse Avatar

    J, totally missed your show. Your honesty and forthrightness are a flower in a field of shit and rubble. It is completely fine for you to phone the cops, those mofos are infringeing on your space and they have no right.

    Keep on rockin’, bro!

  7. […] Plus tôt aujourd’hui j’écoutais le plus récent podcast de Julien. Il a terminé son podcast de façon a être certain qu’on en redemande! Ça m’a donné envie de passer le reste de l’après-midi avec la musique du site de Wax Tailor en background. Filed under: montréal, musique, daily thoughts   |   Tags: daily thoughts, inoveryourhead, montréal, musique, podcasting. […]

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