Podcast 118 – On wilderness and flowers

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While uploading this I was listening to The Hollywood Podcast Unkempt #4. Before you listen to this, go listen to that show, because let me tell you, it is podcasting gold.

This show is about access to wilderness, being stuck in a rut with the content you make, and the tunnel of death by my house.


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4 responses to “Podcast 118 – On wilderness and flowers”

  1. jason Avatar

    that dudley perkins song is one of my favorites at the moment. that could very well be his finest moment yet.

    you gave me a lot to chew on this episode. i’m just approaching my one-year point with my show next month. about half the episodes as someone who puts out a show a week, but at least i’ve kept at it. can’t say as i’ve hit a rut yet – with only two shows a month, i feel like there’s always something to do for the next one. but i do understand wanting to do something different and not wanting to be locked in to one thing. between the new feed and velvetpanda (which i have yet to actually check out), there should be plenty of content to experience between ioyh episodes…

  2. Julien Avatar

    great comment jason! i think everyone eventually has to move into new stuff. it doesn’t mean i’m leaving the old stuff behind though, far from it. in fact, i think it’ll help me focus better on goals i have for this show vs. other stuff.

  3. nathan Avatar

    how did you get the little flash audio player thingy? how can i get one for my site?

  4. Tim Coyne Avatar
    Tim Coyne

    Yo Julien!

    Thanks for the mention! Much appreciated.

    Thanks to Mr. DDR, I’ve checked out your show and I think you are great!!!!

    Not a huge hip-hop guy but you’ve opened me up to it . . . for sure.

    Keep up the great work!


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