Buck 65 strongarms hip-hop

Ghislain Poirier Chocolate EP

Buck 65 has made a supremely bizarro mixtape available on his website called Strong Arm. I could directly link to it, but be nice and go visit his site; it’s in the Show and Tell section.



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3 responses to “Buck 65 strongarms hip-hop”

  1. Leesa Avatar

    Um….Julien….like, I just listened to episode 119 and OMG! Why didn’t I listen sooner? I don’t know where you find your hip hop, but it’s hype. Reminds me of 80s rap – all about lyrical style – not this crap they got on the radio right now. I’m subscribed in iTunes. Keep it going, hon.

  2. Leesa Avatar

    Whoops! I put my comments in the wrong place. Bummer.

  3. Julien Avatar

    Thanks d00d, you’re pretty awesome yourself. 🙂

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