Podcast 119 – I’m crazy tired

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I worked on like a million things today, and this was the last one. I probably sound way exhausted at the end. So it goes. This was also the first show I uploaded via the new Podshow site, and it worked pretty well. Try the player if you wanna listen to it in a browser.

  • J Dilla (RIP) – Mash
  • Create to Devastate – The Hit Man feat Masta Ace
  • DJ Jazzy Jeff – Shake It Off
  • The Coup – My Favourite Mutiny feat Talib Kweli
  • Akir – No Longer My Home feat Mojo
  • Theory – War feat Main Event
  • Cumalus – Long Time Coming
  • Masia One – Split Second Time
  • Jean Grae – God’s Gift

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A lot of this stuff was picked up on the Podsafe Music Network, which has been picking up more and more decent hip-hop recently.

Update: Due to my utter laziness, I never made an enhanced version of this podcast – and I pushed the regular show through the feed. Next time I’ll be making sure to do it early, really sorry about that.



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6 responses to “Podcast 119 – I’m crazy tired”

  1. jason Avatar

    i agree: hip-hop on the pmn has gotten so much better. larger names on an indie scale as well as a bunch of unknowns have been hitting it outta the park lately. was a bit concerned there for a minute, but things are definitely looking up.

    nice touch ending off the mix with some female verbal venom. diggin’ it.

  2. hugh Avatar

    manual trackback:
    “Since we’ve got the great new mixmaker active and working, I thought we’d try something: “Friday Mixes.” I’m going to post my Friday mixes here, but ideally some of you Collectik users will give us a mix we can …”

  3. Alex Avatar

    Ummmmmm… did this episode dissapear or something? The player on the poage won’t load and I get an unknown error whenever I try to hit the direct link…


  4. Mykel Avatar

    hey just found your podcast and glad I cam to your site was trying to find out who the artist was for No Longer My home, I am feeling that song thanks for the discovery!

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