Podcasters Across Borders – What I learned

I met so many podcasters at Podcasters Across Borders, it so wasn’t funny. Except it was funny – and thought provoking, and maybe even inspiring sometimes.

One of the podcasts I remember is Shane and Tom’s Squeezebox, because they reminded me of my accordion playing when I was a kid (of which, sorry, I don’t have any pictures). I played my little heart out on their squeezebox but I just don’t have the hang of it anymore.

Another guy I remember is Tim from the Twisted Wrist podcast – all about motorcycling. I’m not a motorcyclist, but motorcycling has always appealed to me. I still couldn’t get through Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, though. I felt like it was taking forever to get to the point.

It was my first big time speaking in front of a crowd (you can tell when you listen), and my first time feeling like I was a veteran at a conference, and talking with ‘big’ people on level ground. Later on, in an article, I would be called “one of the anointed” by a certain newspaper. All this was very strange to me.

First, I should say that I do not go to conferences to listen to technical seminars. When I go to a conference, I go to meet people, to hear great speakers, and maybe to get a grasp on the direction of the industry. But really, I’ve always felt like it’s about the people you meet, and what influence they had on you and your work.

From Mark Blevis, I learned that Canadian podcasting is a movement that is about more than just “not being American,” and from Bob, Mark, and Cat, I learned that anyone can make something great happen.

From Tod Maffin, I learned that we are capable of making timeless content just by being at the right place at the right time.

From Bruce Murray, I learned that you can genuinely say nothing for 45 minutes and still make people die laughing.

From Matt and Neil, I learned that podcasting creates actual real friendships.

From Andy Doan, I learned that podcasting is about connecting with real people, and that what you do really does have an effect on them.

From Nora Young, I learned about the freedom that we have. And somewhere along the line, I figured out that we have to use that freedom… somehow. (That part, I still haven’t figured out.)

Somehow, all of this is going to be reflected in what I do, and I’ll probably also become convinced that it was all my idea. 🙂





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  1. Matt Avatar

    Hey Julien–

    What an incredibly nice thing to say about Neil & I. I couldn’t agree more. I had so much fun hanging out with you guys all weekend. It was definitely worth the trip and I will always consider you a friend, too. Take care.


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