Having sex on a bicycle– yeah, you heard me

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It just started raining like crazy here as I’m posting this. I’m going to go to sleep soon but enjoy this one!

Topics include but definitely are not reserved to: Having sex on a bicycle, living with college students, putting tables between people, etc. etc. I talked a lot.

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12 responses to “Having sex on a bicycle– yeah, you heard me”

  1. […] Julian also complains about the heat on In Over Your Head, talks about elephants & tigers, sex & bicycles, tough guys in pink, and delivers the tunes as usual […]

  2. Chris Avatar

    So how exactly did they have sex? I’m trying to get my head around the concept but you leave far too much out. We need details, Julien.

  3. Julien Avatar

    i told you man, this is not the kind of story that can be told over the internet! you’ll just have to work it out yourself… try not to get arrested, ok?

  4. Kraze Avatar

    Man, your music is crazy good. Where do you even hear about the underground sounds like this stuff. I’m in shanghai and you’re my only source for undergroudn music. But that’s not enough for me. Where do you hear the sound man?

  5. Lee Avatar

    Recently saw this post (mp3 included). It’s the break for Workinonit.

  6. […] #2 – In a fit of absolute insanity, CC Chapman registered Photo Booth Sex.com because of a story I told on my last show. This is easily one of the strangest things someone has ever done for me (aside from get it on in a photo booth). […]

  7. […] Si vous avez écouté le dernier podcast de In Over Your Head (no. 120), vers la fin Julien raconte comment il préfère rencontrer les gens dans un parc plutôt que de mettre une table entre lui et la personne qui l’accompagne. Il vous a même invité à en faire l’expérience avec lui. Vous devriez accepter. […]

  8. […] Première partie 19h00-21h00: BBQ. On a droit à la version d’Ella de «having sex on a bicycle» racontée par Julien sur son dernier podcast. Les amis de Julien et Ella sont super gentils. […]

  9. balls Avatar

    is there free shit or wat…..you bitches

  10. […] Yeah, I was in Google’s top 10 results for this phrase in September. Weird eh? All because of my episode, Having Sex on a Bicycle. I had no idea this would happen but, lo and behold, I’ve received a couple of thousand visitors due to this fluke. I doubt they found what they’re looking for, though. […]

  11. janet Avatar

    tey probably were having sex on the bed and then put a bike on the the cumputer to make it look like they did it on the bike.

  12. Emeka Avatar

    That may be true let me and u try it because i want to try it with u

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