RSS question

Are you guys seriously not getting this new show? It appears to not be downloading by anyone, and one person has mentioned it. Anyone else? If so, try deleting it in your feed and adding it back… and leave a comment, puh-leeze.





5 responses to “RSS question”

  1. tom Avatar

    Depends. This new show? The sex-on-a-bicycle show? Got that one, straight into iTunes without problems, albeit with a slight delay (few hours or so).

    This new show: Jules’ stuff on FeedBurner? Just the first one (Rjd2 mix), but it seems to be the only one.

    This new show: any other show?

  2. Matt Avatar

    I also got IOYH 120 in iTunes. I haven’t gotten anything in Jules stuff since the RJD2 thing. That makes me sad.


  3. Julien Avatar

    tom & matt – don’t worry, it’s on its way… i’m doing a mini tattoo documentary very soon. when i do, let me know what you think, cool?

  4. mhp Avatar

    looks like the wordpress feed is toast though… by rss reader was sub’ed to but the most recent post was june 15 there… i just resub’ed to and the posts are loading.

  5. Nico Avatar

    Fuck, and i thought you just stopped posting new stuff here. Shame on me for not checking.

    This is a few days old now, but i think you have the same bday as my brother. Happy belated birthday (and blame it on the feed).

    By the way, what’s with all the weird numbers on the filenames of all Podshows podcasts?

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