Wants and Needs

There’s something fascinating about the concept around which the photo at right was designed. As you can see, it has a big ‘WANT’ above the line, and a smaller ‘need’ below it. Interesting, right?

At first glance, I really love this glass. It gives shape to a concept that people certainly need to think about: You are consuming more than you really need to. Take note of it. People need to think about this more! Where do I sign?

But wait, hold on; let’s take a step back. This glass makes you think, yes, agreed – but do you really need this glass to help you with that particular concern in your life?

If you examine the idea further, you’ll realize that you were tempted (if you are like me) to purchase a 16 oz., 24$ US glass, plus shipping, to help you consume less. Think about that.

  1. 1. 24$ US = 27$ CAN; plus shipping… 35 bucks.
  2. 2. This is a 16 oz glass. That’s about the size of a large coffee at Starbucks. Are you going on a road trip? Is a gigantic Starbucks coffee what you really need?

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the appeal of a well-designed item that also carries a message. But before you go shop, take a look at the urge. Examine it. Were I to buy the glass, I would be tempted to convince myself that it would be for some ecological, good-natured purpose. This explanation, however, does not resist scrutiny.

In my case, it would be greed. I want this glass because it is pleasant and mirrors a sentiment I share about the world – but do I possess that sentiment, truly and profoundly, considering my desire for such a luxury item? Or is it yet another method I use to delude myself?





2 responses to “Wants and Needs”

  1. Einstein Avatar

    Is that glass half empty or half full?

    Easy question to answer

    0.5 * Empty = 0.5 * Full

    2 * (0.5*Empty) = 2 * (0.5*Full)

    Therefore Empty = Full

  2. plastictaxi Avatar

    wittiest use of a link I’ve ever seen.

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