IOYH on Sirius: Now All the Goddamned Time

As of next week, the In Over Your Head podcast will be broadcast weekly on Sirius Satellite Radio – Fridays between 7:30 and 8 pm EST.

If you are a podcaster and you want some of this, send me promos! I’ll play absolutely any promo that doesn’t suck, so hook it up.






9 responses to “IOYH on Sirius: Now All the Goddamned Time”

  1. hugh Avatar

    you are a star!

  2. Michelle Avatar

    Congratulations – blow their minds, man!

  3. Vero.b Avatar

    well deserved. bravo!

  4. Sam Abuelsamid Avatar

    Great, hopefully that means we’ll be hearing more of your voice now. I haven’t gotren nearly enough of your stories lately.

  5. jason Avatar

    rockin’ good news. damn good timeslot as well. congratulations, man.

  6. […] But would this not apply to everything? Sometimes I say to myself, “Well, I’ve made it onto Sirius! Clearly, that’s because I stood by what I wanted to do, and didn’t compromise the kind of show I wanted to make!” If I had failed in creating a popular podcast, however, would I not conclude that I failed because I refuse to compromise? After all, all great entertainers need to bend to corporate interests sooner or later! Do we not all justify our current positions with reasoning that coincides with our worldview? […]

  7. Antoine Avatar

    Rock on Julien!

  8. […] At the same time, though, I’ve always been more devoted to the web than to terrestrial radio, and always believed the audience was coming my way, not theirs. I believe even more in the web than I did in July of 2006, when I began. So, all in all, I’m a little disappointed, but this was by no means as good as it’s going to get. […]

  9. […] Being syndicated on Sirius changed my life, but not in the way you’d expect. Adam mentioned my show every Friday, which raised my profile immensely. Every new media fanboy I told the Sirius thing to suddenly thought I was huge. In all that time, I met two people with Sirius receivers. […]

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