2 Bizarro Events of the Week

#1 – One of my favourite podcasts, Digital Detroit Radio, has been nominated in the popularity contest we call the Podcast Awards in the mobile category. (???) As of 20 minutes from now, you can vote for him. You want to do this because:

  • a) he is the best kept secret of podcasting; and –
  • b) he is not one of those podcasts that belongs to a secret elite club. He’s just a guy… an awesome one. VOTE NOW, and every day until the end. I mean it. I’m counting on you guys.

#2 – In a fit of absolute insanity, CC Chapman registered Photo Booth Sex.com because of a story I told on my last show. This is easily one of the strangest things someone has ever done for me (aside from get it on in a photo booth).

It’s still pretty damn cool though.





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  1. Nico Avatar

    CanadaPodcasts.ca is nominated under the best podcast directory too.

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