eMusic now #2 for downloads

eMusic’s service has become the second largest in the world, proving once more that independent, DRM-free music is what more music consumers are looking for. eMusic “sells monthly subscriptions, and those numbers have doubled since December, to 200,000. The company averages downloads of 5 million songs monthly,” as USA Today reported Sunday. The free downloads when you start up must be helping, too.

As for me, I’ll be making slight changes to this blog’s layout in the coming few days, adding a bunch of albums into the sidebar that I’ve been feeling recently. I’ve always felt that some of the music I play is under-represented in terms of airplay – I try to play as much of a variety as possible, and rarely play an artist more than two or three times. So this’ll be a way to remedy that and, whenever possible, I’ll try to link to eMusic – I love that they provide an alternative that basically proves the record industry wrong in terms of what can and cannot be done.






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  1. Andrew Avatar

    This is great news for emusic. I started a subscription several months ago and have been impressed in the quality (and quantity) of music on the site. Links from here to the artists on emusic would be great. No need to burn a CD and then rip it back like the others services…

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