In Over Your Head 121 – On the cyclical nature of the universe

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Sweating. It’s monsoon season here in Montreal. More later when I’m not dying.

  • Genelec and Memphis Reigns – “Sakura”
  • Sage Francis – “Slow Down Ghandi”
  • Canibus – “Give It More”
  • Edan – “Rock n Roll feat Dagha”

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5 responses to “In Over Your Head 121 – On the cyclical nature of the universe”

  1. Michelle Avatar

    Killer show! I fully support the idea of brainwashing thousands of people into being un-brainwashable.

    Brilliant as always.

  2. plastictaxi Avatar

    on joining your cult: I’m into that. On one condition:

    that we have a yearly ritual in which a group of your faithful meet on some residential street in a rich neighbourhood full of people who send their kids to boarding schools to keep them away from kids who will grow to be like us. We are wearing shorts, knee pads, and (this is important) black Tshirts that only have one arm. We synchronize our mp3 players to your latest podcast, then — always to the beat of your selected tracks — move out along the street. With our single free arm we each haul out a baseball bat and proceed to hammer to the music on the hoods of the parked Lexuses, Porches, SUV’s and every other fukin car we find because through the magic of our ritual, they are no longer smog-producing anti-social planet killing machines but our sacred instruments. We play like a demented orchestra until we can’t hear the podcast for all the car alarms. Then, when the wanks come running out of their gated homes and look at the scene, then kneel and cry like Palestinians before Israeli bulldozers, we dive into a getaway van spray painted with the words “take the one ton challenge”.

  3. Julien Avatar

    Plastictaxi: I can tell you’ve been thinking about this.

  4. Nico Avatar

    I’m in

  5. Todd Tyrtle Avatar

    I’m all for this cult. The best part is that I know as soon as it stops being cool, we’ll all just disband. No deprogramming required.

    Great show as always.

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