Podcast 122 – My Neighbour, The Bastard

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I put this out a number of days ago. I’ve been working crazy hard so I haven’t blogged it up until now… if you were subscribed (through iTunes maybe), you would have it already! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mr Lif – Heavy Artillery
  • I totally don’t remember what else. I swear I’ll update this soon.

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8 responses to “Podcast 122 – My Neighbour, The Bastard”

  1. hugh Avatar

    on the front of the alley! dude is a play-AH.

  2. Kraze Avatar

    Hey Julien, how do you know what music you are allowed to play under the Creative Commons License?

  3. ERic From California Avatar

    OK i just Found your cast and i really like it. No no no fuck that i love it. lol You have a real show no bull shit about Movie stars or anything that does not apply to real ppl. Thanks for doing what you do.l-Eric From CAlifornia

  4. jason Avatar

    ah, The Fat Of The Land…”oh my GOD, it’s that FUNKY SHIT!!!” that’s the first thing i thought of while you were telling that story. man, this show was one for the books. fantastic.

    you wave your hands, i rub my chin. i took an intro to public speaking course in college and we all observed each other speaking at a podium. apparently i rub my chin a lot when i speak – or at least, i did then. i believe the exact observation was: “you must have done that about 20 times.”

    and the closing cut, “Murder”, was just…wow. that’s all i can say. wow.

  5. Deniz Avatar

    That was just about the best thing in history ever.

  6. Face (the handsome one) Avatar

    Add one more person listening to your podcast, I’m new to the whole scene and I’m lovin this shit. I’m gonna get back to work here soon, and I’ll send u some tracks to play on your show. Any way I can help YOU out u just let me know, I’m all for supporting the real shit. I’m out of Atlanta and you will soon have many more listeners from down here if I have anything to do about it. Just so you know its not all ignorant crackaz and gold teeth “p.i.m.p.”s (pussies in makeup posin) I’ll holla at ya.

  7. Neil Gorman Avatar

    dude, you NEED to give me a link to that last artist on your show. The performance poet. Fucking amazing!


  8. anji bee Avatar

    ok now that i’m under your spell, i’m checking out shows i missed. every one makes me love you more. ๐Ÿ™‚

    what is that girly electronica song you played? it sounded like you said “alias intarsia” but i know that ain’t it.

    oh, and what’s up with you saying you have to hide behind the microphone?

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