Flashmobs et TVA

Je viens de faire une entrevue sur les flashmobs avec Dominic Arpin, qui paraîtra ce soir entre 17h et 18h à TVA. Bienvenue aux nouveaux visiteurs vennant de là et de son blogue; allez voir mon podcast ici sur iTunes, ainsi que quelques un de mes billets et podcasts favoris:

I just did an interview about flashmobs with Dominic Arpin. It will appear on TVA between 5 and 6 PM tonight. In case you’re a new visitor, check out my podcast on iTunes, and here’s a few you might enjoy:

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One response to “Flashmobs et TVA”

  1. Alex Avatar

    HAHA, that was definetly TVA. They show about 3 minutes of shitty enlarged internet video and talk about how crazy it is. Plus, they interview the person who actually knows about it (in this case Julien) but they let him talk for about 10 seconds and don’t even mention his name.

    Hey, at least you got on TV.

    Alex from Aylmer

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