Who is Trixi?

I’m fascinated by this interactive drama that Yahoo7 has launched called PS: Trixi. It’s an engaging mix of stories and radio, a veritable JenniCam style site for 2006. Despite this, I have no idea what it is. Clicking on the radio link reveals they are accessible via Firefox, so I don’t know what they’re trying to sell me, aside from maybe a Toyota. Nonetheless, the site has been open in my browser for over 48 hours.

All I know right now is I have an urge to makeover my website into something of its style. I find the thing captivating because it represents everything that a digital personality really should be. Problematically, the people involved are fiction, and the stories are made up. This does not mean, however, that it can’t be done for real.

More to follow…






2 responses to “Who is Trixi?”

  1. Kraze Avatar

    wussup man! tight stuff on 123, it\’s been awhile. i have a question tho, is that you that did that character work? (the pink… rabbit worm things?) and did you put that up on the wall (remniscent of the pink paint mentioned in drink the orange juice)? If so hot props. Here\’s scorpion circles, edit this comment and delete the link from the post when you finish downloading this. Gold like this should be kept limited 😉

    if you\’re into turntablism I got a few organic soul sets from my DJ friend you can cop too but those are longass and not for public doman


  2. craig Avatar

    the header on the trixi site is nice….i don’t know if i would re-design this site based on it tho. many distraction…..

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