What is In Over Your Head about?

I was at PodCamp this weekend, in Boston. I met a bunch of people while I was there, really remarkable, passionate individuals that were looking to take what they were making to the next level. Some of them knew what I made, but many did not. They asked me what is quickly becoming the most awkward question I have had to answer:

“So, what is your podcast about?”

Allow me to explain. To paraphrase an acquaintance of mine, “telling people I listen to hip hop music is worse than telling them I’m a lesbian.” Even more complex is telling people that it is about “anything and everything, stuff that upsets and interests me;” this results in responses like “Oh, so you’re another one of those rant shows.” Ugh.

So what is this podcast about? A great portion of In Over Your Head’s listenership have been vocal in their praise, but not many of them say that they listen for the music (CC Chapman, for example). They stay for something else – but what do they stay for?

I discussed this with Mark and Bob on the way home, and this is the best they came up with: In Over Your Head is a podcast about social commentary.

Do you agree? Tell me so in the comments. Write me a review in iTunes (hint: I’ll be grateful). I would love to hear what you think this podcast is to you. And if you haven’t heard it yet, give me a shot by subscribing in iTunes. It’s free.






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  1. What is In Over Your Head about?…

    [Source: ] quoted: I met a bunch of people while I was there, really remarkable, passionate individuals that were looking to take what they were making to the next level. Some of them knew what I made, but many did not. …

  2. laura allen Avatar

    It was great to meet you at podcamp!! I would like to learn a little more about *YOU* in your description of your podcast. I haven’t listened to IOYH yet, but I plan to. I am willing to bet that your opinions and the way you express yourself are a big part of why people love IOYH. So maybe there is a way to say something about what drives you to want to do this.

  3. Chris Brogan... Avatar

    Hooray! Thanks for coming to PodCamp. I’m glad you had a chance to talk it over with folks. : )

  4. Vero.b Avatar

    Chéri! Je voulais ajouter mes commentaires, mais je n’ai pas de compte sur iTunes.

    En somme, c’est d’abord et avant tout pour tes commentaires que j’ai hâte au nouveau podcast. La musique, c’est un bonus 😉

    Ta façon d’exposer tes idées clairement; ta perspective tellement juste et sans équivoque par rapport au quotidien, nos relations, ton sens de l’humour subtil et particulier, etc.

    Brillant! 😉

    (Tu peux pas faire un copier-coller dans iTunes pour moi?)

  5. […] Julien at in over your head: “I was at PodCamp this weekend, in Boston. I met a bunch of people while I was there, really remarkable, passionate individuals that were looking to take what they were making to the next level”Chris Brogan: “I met the coolest people, the nicest people, the people who are making a difference in the world. I would be overstating it to say that I fell in love with almost an entire community. There are outlying folks that aren¹t my exact demographic, but I respect you, and you¹re in the family, too.” […]

  6. Julien Avatar

    Véro: You need an iTunes ID – so if I do it for you, it’ll look like I’m reviewing my own show. 🙂

  7. Christopher Penn, Financial Aid Podcast Avatar

    Dude, I love the social networking carcast you did, and I’m psyched we got to meet. Subscribed! I’ll probably shuttle past the hip hop just to listen to what you have to say.

    You REALLY should have done a session on social networking and content search. Next time, man, we team up and knock the ball out of the fucking state.

    Christopher S. Penn, PodCamp Co-Founder

  8. C.C. Chapman Avatar

    It’s a perfect description of what you are Julien. You provide honest commentary on everything in the world. Maybe “urban commentary on the state of the world.” Who knows?

    Plain and simple you tell it how it is. Your the man on the street with honesty. Rock on.

  9. Bitcloud Avatar

    yeah for real julien… while I’m trading my stocks on wall street and having meetings with rupert murdoch you help me keep an ear to the ground and clued in to the little people down there on the streets…..

    ‘sjust kickass tunes and frequent insight keeps me coming back for more. It’s also really refreshing to hear a canadian (and in english)- ey tell your mate at insert clever name that while i respect his right to talk in french as well as english, when he busts out 2 minutes in and i’m sat there hearing all this incomprehensible french, i’m not sticking around… beautiful language tho it may be, without the context of comprehension it loses a little something… and he seems like a top guy so fuckin… let him know.
    I’ll pop up a review before you know it…

  10. Nico Avatar

    In Over Your Head is about Julien.

  11. Charles of Mostly News Avatar

    Hey Julien, heard your interview and opinions regarding social networking on CPB. Great interview! I must say as a podcaster I got a lot of work ahead of me.

  12. Vivian of CLIP Podcast Avatar

    hi julien. i met you at PAB but really only started listening to your show a short while ago and i have to say that i do agree with mark and bob..your show is most definitely not a rant …probably social commentary with an edge…that’s good right?

    i really enjoyed your interview with mark on social networking as well. great stuff. very informative.

    thanks for that

    critical literacy in practice podcast

  13. Vero.b Avatar

    I was only joking dear. Où est ton sens de l’humour?

  14. Bitcloud Avatar

    Even if IOYH was a rant.. who the fuck cares.

    The worlds creativity has been shuffled off in a hearse by these cynical fucks declaring everything to be “pretentious” or “obvious” or “easy” or “adolescent”

    It’s as if we’re being told that because there are 6 billion people in the world, we are to all shut the fuck up because there’s no chance anything we say could ever be remotely original or worth hearing.

    fuck them.. they can have their cynicism.. I’ll take listening to shit like IOYH over the silence coming from their miserable little marble pedestal…

    It’s not a “rant podcast” it’s not a “hip hop podcast” its in over your head!
    more than the sum of its parts…

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