The Right Place, The Right Time

As I write this I am approximately 5 minutes away from this scene, without my recording gear. It is a mistake I intend to never make again. God dammit.





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  1. Moses Avatar

    It would be nice to get some coverage from someone I trust… good luck getting anywhere near the story when the media circus wants exclusive rights. CBC, CTV, FOX News, all setting up tents and camping out, my building manager getting angry because someone set up their make-up tent in front of tennants’s windows.

    The media circus makes me sick to my stomach, and they’re literally sitting on my doorstep.

  2. xaintes Avatar

    You know what? I think this is morally corrupt. Where’s your humanity, Julien? I think I known you long enough to know that you didn’t mean you want to cash in (so to speak) on other people’s misery, but man it comes off that way.

    You’re essentially saying that you’re upset because you didn’t have your camera in order to get footage of people being shot so that you could spin the story your own way to the hungry masses.

    Am I totally reading you wrong?

  3. Julien Avatar

    Xaintes: You absolutely are reading me wrong. I am the furthest thing from an ambulance chaser.

    This is a Canadian event that deserves to be documented. Personally, I see no particular difference between a reporter letting the world know about what’s going on and an individual doing the same, except a reporter has more of an agenda than I do. All I probably would have done is record students’ opinions and put it out there, unedited; this is something the majority of them cannot do by themselves, as quickly as I could have.

    We live in an age where media twist everything into an image of what their high ups would like to portray. If anything, there should have been more people, more students and regular Joes out there talking about this issue.

    Once again: the only difference between you and a journalist is that journalists were given a degree and a little badge letting people know they are important. But we are doing the same thing, increasingly, as time goes on. What news did you watch to find out this was happening? Did you accuse them of being morally corrupt?

  4. xaintes Avatar

    Jules: I’m not accusing you of being an ambulance chaser. Your post just struck me as … I don’t know, unlike you. I wanted to point it out.

    Where you make your mistake with my comment is in that I’m talking about *you* and you alone. I make no reference to the media (who, btw, I totally expect to be corrupt), and yet your response is entirely about comparing yourself (and other non-journalists) to them. It seems like you’re jumping to conclusions about how an individual’s reporting of the news is just as valid (if not more) than a journalist. I agree! You’re preaching to the choir!

    How did I find out? My mom called me. She told me that there was something happening at Dawson but it all seemed sketchy and that we’d eventually find out what happened (…but to steer clear of there anyway). I grew up in a household that took the news with a grain of salt that’s why now I don’t get all worked up when the media goes into a frenzy. I don’t watch the news regularly, I don’t read the newspaper daily. I absorb info here and there and pay more attention when it seems important. The States use the news as a means of scaring people, more and more it seems to be happening here. We are a society too focused on what’s happening to other people (read: the news!) I’m more interested in what’s happening in my own life!

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