Hip Hop Set 8… I think.

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Last Friday I rocked SIRIUS with some serious verbal vitriol, in the form of seven hip hop underground kings and queens. Shockingly high amounts of endorphin in a nifty 24 minute package.

This Week



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3 responses to “Hip Hop Set 8… I think.”

  1. Mar Avatar

    Nice playlist! Jean Grae’s “This Week” is a great CD. She’s one of the few emcees out there that has really mastered the art of wordplay. Now if she’d only accept me as a friend on Myspace.

  2. jesus v Avatar
    jesus v

    do u have any jean grae tracks? albums?

  3. myTmedia Avatar


    heard Jean Grae – Stle Wars, then Being a cyborg. Great show. I like the way you Zig when they Zag.

    If you have any more Jane Grae albums I would love one.


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