My weird sex dream with Joanne Colan

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So this episode kind of speaks for itself. Here’s the transcript.




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5 responses to “My weird sex dream with Joanne Colan”

  1. MONICA Avatar

    Here I am, dancing around my office listening to your music selection – keep it up brother!!
    I believe music is the best way to free our soul! Do you know where can I buy these tunes?

    I feel the only thing that takes away all the power from your remarkable, unique and original content is the amount of swearing I hear you say… Is it really necessary?

  2. The Insomniac Avatar

    Simple Jules. It means you’ve got some confessionals to get to! MWA HAHAHA hilarious.

  3. pully5 Avatar

    So if u really need a mentor by mastering or what, I will be your mentor :-).
    I got a music studio in zug -> switzerland.
    Listening to your Podcast is like comme back to the Hole HipHop thing I konw from my youth.
    For my taste u are mixing and doung you’re Podcast verry ok and of course, its the content stupid 🙂

  4. anji bee Avatar

    ahh… so you had to wait until you were alone in the house to tell your sordid little tale, eh?

  5. tom Avatar

    Funny, very funny: hermits, guns, the laptop, the Mexican guy in the park…

    And don’t edit (too much). It’s good as it is.

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