PodCamp Toronto!

Due to the efforts of Jay Moonah, one of the organizers, PodCamp Toronto is set to be hosted at Ryerson University’s School for Radio and Television Arts.

PodCamp Toronto will be happening on February 24th and 25th. We’ll definitely have some people coming in from Montreal, so if you’re from here and you’re looking for a way down, let me know.

Click here if you want to register. (it’s free!)





3 responses to “PodCamp Toronto!”

  1. Andrew J. Fulks (the DJAJ Podcast) Avatar

    Dude julian can I come up and stay at your house? lol


  2. Julien Avatar

    I live in Montreal, but sure, if you wanna come up here for a day until we head out there, I’m sure it’ll be cool.

  3. hugh Avatar

    might be interested.

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