WordPress and my .htaccess file

I need some serious help from someone with some technical knowledge.

WordPress 2.0.3 (at least I assume it’s WordPress) seems to be regularly rewriting my .htaccess file. I do not want it to do this – I have custom stuff in there, and it has overwritten it numerous times.

My question is why. Or at least how to solve it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Sorry for the rest of you who don’t understand what the hell any of this means. 🙂






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  1. ferf Avatar

    hey julien. i have some thoughts for you. hit me up on monday. the .htaccess rewrite in wordpress is used to create nice, clean, readable and search engine indexable web URLS like “http://inoveryourhead.net/wordpress-and-my-htaccess-file/” as opposed to one with .php and ? all over the place. you can turn this off in your options, but there may be other options.

    ferf. out.

  2. Julien Avatar

    yeah i had a feeling it had something to do with that… thing is, i really want the clean URLs for SEO, but i’m not willing to sacrifice the ability to modify and use mod_rewrite for my own stuff.

  3. rafi Avatar

    So let wordpress do its thing and then add your own rules. It shouldn’t keep re-writing the file.

    But to make sure it doesnt you could always change (chmod) the permissions on the .htaccess file after you’re happy with it so that it’s no longer writable.

  4. Julien Avatar

    Yeah, it does in fact keep re-writing it, over and over. That’s the problem. But yeah, I’m thinking about just setting up the permissions differently.

  5. mhp Avatar

    The plugin below lets you add custom rewrite rules. I’ve never used it, so i cannot comment on if it will solve you problem.


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