Julien, Véro, et HAL

Je travaille depuis quelque temps sur HAL (Hub d’Artistes Locaux), un projet où nous rassemblons la communauté d’artistes locaux avec les usagers d’internet sans-fil Montréalais. Le vidéo ci-dessous est une introduction au projet, monté par Véro B, une vidéobloggeure locale très talentueuse.

Si vous êtes nouveau visiteur, bienvenue à mon blogue! Vous y retrouverez régulièrement des nouveaux podcasts ainsi que des liens à pleins de projets intéressants! Restez-y un peu! 🙂

((I’ve been working for on this HAL project for a little while – a great community thing where we bring together local artists with Montreal’s wifi community. The above video is a little introduction I did with Véro B, a local videoblogger who is going to be huge I tell you.

If you’re a new visitor, welcome to my blog! You’ll regularly find new podcasts and links to other cool stuff I find. Stick around!))



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8 responses to “Julien, Véro, et HAL”

  1. Chris Avatar

    Reall cool. I’ve been following your blog as well as Vero’s for some time and I’m very curious to see what comes out of this collaboration.
    Is there a web site for the project?


  2. […] So the HAL project I spoke about a few entries ago has been selected to attend the Banff Centre’s Cross Platform Mentorship Lab. 10 projects (2 people per project) are being flown down to be coached by a group of media and technology experts from October 26-30. Pascal and I will be attending it, which is pretty damn cool. I’m pretty excited about it. Thanks to Michael and the Ile sans fil group for the opportunity. (I’ll be blogging all the while, of course.) These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

  3. Stephen Avatar

    I can’t thank you enough for this blog. Besides the interesting subjects you speak about, I really enjoy the music you play. It simply blows all the stupid-ass, “we be up in da club” shit you hear on the radio these days out of the water.

    Greetings from Oklahoma!

  4. Anya P. from NJ Avatar

    You are weird. Don’t just talk in french, tranlate to english dude. FYI I liked PPME It rocked. Thanks for the ID. See u next year.


  5. anji bee Avatar

    bringing it back for another run, eh? and why not? you look so darned cute in it. 🙂

  6. Pascal Charest Avatar

    Mister like tv, so yeah… going back for one more run ;-).

  7. Vero.b Avatar

    Viens me voir. On va faire une deuxième version quand tu veux. It’s always fun to do projects with you 😉

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