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Power moves and how to make them.

The Tight Connection



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7 responses to “Make some power moves”

  1. spunky Avatar

    hey Julien! I just had the most bizarre experience. I was reading Robert Scoble’s blog and he linked to a post about why Starbucks podcasts failed. and I see a comment from someone named Julien… and it’s you! anyway, haven’t talked to you in eons. crazy.

    apologies for the comment not actually relating to your blog in any way 🙂 xoxo

  2. anji bee Avatar

    right on, jules! your “friend” must be a fricken loser. you totally know what’s up! that’s why i love you.

    i’m gonna try to keep it real…

  3. zack Avatar

    i enjoyed the rant quite a bit, it enlightened me about the impending doom of the future and not wearing combat boots in my parent’s basement.

  4. Zune vs Ipod, une formidable bataille démarre…

    Depuis son lancement il y a  5 ans, le Ipod a connu un grand succès surtout du au fait qu’il était le seul en piste, allant même jusqu’à donner son nom à la balladodiffusion sous le terme de « Podcast……

  5. […] People are speaking a lot these days about media democratization. In a previous podcast, I talk about democratization of power, as well as how to get there. Still, these goals are far off, despite the fact that everyone’s convinced how close we are. The power of media creation is still in the hands of the rich – those with expensive computers, broadband connections, and the necessary knowledge. And let’s not forget how difficult it is to create stuff when you’re working hard trying to support yourself (and your family, in certain cases). […]

  6. chris Avatar

    my website with your name.

  7. […] porte pour une diffusion totalement en dehors des canaux traditionnels. Le podcasteur et collègue Julien Smith, sélectionne méticuleusement toutes sortes de musiques et de groupes qu’il rassemble et […]

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