So why do I care about Twitter?

Update: I don’t care about Twitter, but it’s not their fault – my Fido phone is too incompetent to send a text message to the necessary short code 40404. Somehow this Canadian user can (Rogers/Telus/Bell?) but I can’t. Fido, you are backwards.


I try to be ahead of the game with pretty much everything I do. For this reason, you’ll occasionally see me join utterly useless websites to see what they do. One of these may be (or may not be) Twitter.

Twitter is gorgeous to look at, and kind of makes me feel like it’s cool. But I still have no idea what it does. Nonetheless, its utterly lickable interface will keep me there for at least 24 hours, trying to figure out what it does. So we’ll see how that goes.





9 responses to “So why do I care about Twitter?”

  1. amir Avatar

    man I love you and I love your podcast

  2. Patrick Avatar

    You like that look? Bleh. Not my thing.

    I know what it does, I’m not sure why people would do that though… It could be useful(kinda) on a cellphone, helping people organize on the fly in a group without texting everyone individually but I don’t see any info on how that would work on a cell, other than mayyyybe using RSS if you can do that on your phone.

  3. Nico Avatar

    It does seem interesting. Or maybe it’s the pretty colors. Anyway, let us know if it’s actually useful. I’d sign up and find out for myself but it’d be yet another site to keep up with.

  4. Julien Avatar

    patrick: it’s cool as an experiment though, kind of interesting as a mini-blog, something to update with. Anina would work well with it.

  5. Patrick Avatar

    Ahah, but that’s not a good example, she works well with everything 😉

    Concerning your update; that’s weird because Mozes works with the same type of numbers and it works with my Fido phone.

  6. DHP Avatar

    I joined a long time ago, but just started using the service. I agree: maybe cool, probably lame. BUT, being able to embed sms into my site is way cool. …blogging via text, right? Now all they need is to be bought by Yahoo!, permit picture and video messages sent from phones, and merge with Flickr. Then, perhaps, they would be cool.

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  8. IrasCignavojo Avatar

    @DHP LiveJournal does that for me: Blogging via my mobile, voiceposts, pics…

    My status “what do you do” and that of others I do indeed keep with IM and IM-away-messages (more often than not some kind of “working”), sometimes with witty quotes or links, at least to my blog or blogroll (f-list).

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