Comment line (again)

Chris Brogan, whom I’m pretty sure I would marry if I were a woman, called me on my mobile phone this morning *freaking*out* about my last show (in a good way). Following this, he insisted I get a comment line, so now, I have one (again). Call me!

(206) 338-5505

Use it whenever you want to leave me a message. Sorry it’s a 206 number for those of you in Canada or elsewhere, but the service was free, so what the hell.





3 responses to “Comment line (again)”

  1. Chris Brogan... Avatar

    This rocks harder than Falco. If I were a coffee pot, I’d have mold and small black bugs in me.

    Once, when I was little, I threw rocks at cars. Everyone in the whole neighborhood told on me, and my Dad gave me a spanking. My first ever. It hurt his hand so bad, and I cried so loud, he never did it again.

    I consume more caffeine than most people I know. I recently found some caffeine in crystal format, that you add to water and it makes flavored drinks. I LOVE it.

  2. Julien Avatar

    Uh yeah, I’d love to have some of that Chris but IT’S PROBABLY ILLEGAL IN CANADA BECAUSE IT’LL KILL YOU.

  3. Matt Forsythe Avatar

    what’s the service?? does it record to digital file?

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